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Ree and Sony Sweden

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Amrit Singh, or Ree, as you will know him is a current student on the MA Commercial Music Producer course.

Ree moved from Switzerland to the UK three and a half years ago to establish himself as a Producer, and to learn and grow his networks in London. Ree has only been making music for as long as he has been studying, coming to the UK to start and complete a BA in Music Production at SSR University. It was here he met Tileyard Education Managing Director, Harry Leckstein, who seeded the thought of continuing to grow his education at masters level. Ree came down to an A&R Session hosted at Tileyard London with renowned Music Producer Goetz Botzenhardt in 2018, where he played his track live to Goetz on stage, Goetz loved the track he’d produce, and that solidified his decision to choose Tileyard Education for his masters.

When we asked Ree why he chose to study at Tileyard Education, he said;

“Tileyard was the right environment for me, I wanted to expand my networks and work and study along like-minded people”

Not long into Ree’s studies at masters level, Ree started proactively looking for opportunities to sign tracks. He found a Swedish EDM artist on Spotify, after discovering this artist was signed to TGR Music Group (part of Sony Music Sweden), he got in touch with the distributor and started sending on his tracks. Ree sent on a demo that wasn’t a fit for the label initially, but they asked him to send on more, as they recognised his talent, so Ree sent on 3 more tracks, and all 3 were signed immediately. Following this, he signed a deal for 5 more tracks, 2 have been delivered, and he is currently writing the next 3!

Ree had a clear understanding to gain exposure in the current music climate means, getting onto the right playlists on Spotify, and collecting streams.

This isn’t all, Ree has been so busy, he has just released a remix for Hogland, a dance/electronic artist based in Sweden, who has over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Though EDM is Ree’s favourite genre, he chose studying in London over the Netherlands to build up his knowledge and skill in producing other genres of music. He said;

“London was the right place to study other genres”

He also said;

“Tileyard has helped me massively to work with other artists and collaborate”

He said he didn’t really understand the structure of songwriting and the songwriting camps and collaborative aspect of the course was challenging, yet rewarding.

Ree is also releasing a track with MA Songwriting student Emma Horan called ‘Reality’. Ree co-wrote and produced the track with Emma and singer-songwriter Montana B, and the track is being released today!

As well as Ree’s success with Sony Sweden, since being at Tileyard, he has also had a cut on a song he produced with Hannah Beighton, that was synced on ITV, has worked with Erica Manzoli after being approached by Tileyard Music and has been a part of a songwriting camp in Scotland with Tileyard-based Label Karma Artists and American Publishing company SESAC.

We asked Ree what his long term aspirations are, he said;

“I want to establish myself as an artist and record producer, but make new music for other people too. I want to bounce ideas with other artists creatively and continue to collaborate alongside my own career pursuit”

We can confidently say, we cannot wait to hear what Ree will be working on next. You can follow Ree’s music here.

You can also listen to Ree’s new release with Emma Horan, ‘Reality’, here.

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