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Hannah Gets A Cut

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Hannah Beighton is a current MA Commercial Songwriting and Production student at Tileyard Education.

Hannah started her musical career as the artist “Hannah Boleyn”. Hannah’s songwriting and vocal talents are second to none and, after gaining some reputable success as an artist, she decided her real passion was songwriting rather than being on the stage.

Whilst promoting herself as Hannah Boleyn on her Twitter artist page a year ago, Hannah came into contact with a man who became a fan of her work. This same man worked for ITV. He suggested Hannah should send him over a selection of her songs, Hannah promptly got some music over to him and was delighted to hear that ITV had synced 2 of her songs to the ‘British Touring Car Championships Coverage’, one of the syncs was a cover and one was an original by Hannah. Hannah started to recognise the potential for her music in sync and went about focusing on her songwriting skills.

After successfully enrolling onto the MA at Tileyard Education, Hannah has joined 2 writing camp across Term One and Two. In the latest songwriting camp, Hannah was placed in a team with writer Maki Flow, Producer Ree and Producer James Newhook. Songwriter and Tileyard Education tutor. Wayne Cohen, was mentoring them on the day and after receiving a War Child brief, the team chose a different creative direction for their track. The song ‘Raises up’ was to highlight 2 opposing polarities putting aside their differences and having a good time. The team and Wayne were extremely happy with the track, so Hannah decided to send it on to her contact at ITV. In a very short space of time, the song was synced to ITV4’s ‘Live Snooker Championship Coverage’, an amazing success for the team. There is also more potential interest with the track.

We feel confident Hannah is building herself up for an exciting career as an established songwriter, with many syncs already under her belt. She’s also had a sync on the popular TV series ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘Shameless US’. We asked Hannah about her career aspirations. She said:

“The goal is to become an established and prolific songwriter, making a living doing what I love, to work alongside publishers, or eventually get signed to one, though I understand it isn’t always that easy, and I’m happy to put in the work to get my music out there”.

We are very confident that Hannah is on the road to success, and achieving all the goals she has set out to achieve. She is already getting noticed for her talents, and we’re looking forward to catching up with Hannah later this year.

You can keep up to date with Hannah’s music and stories on her Instagram page here.

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