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Introducing MA Design with The Design Laboratory

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We caught up with Yann and Boris, the CEO and Founders of innovative Tileyard-based design company, The Design Laboratory.

The Design Laboratory is a multidisciplinary design studio based in London. 

 Over the last 15 years  they have worked with some of the world’s most influential brands including Samsonite, Hennessy, Vype annd Better By Sport.

The Design Laboratory was originally set up in Central Saint Martins, where Yann and Boris first met. The purpose of the project was to create a cross-disciplinary studio to represent all the different disciplines for client briefs for innovation. Yann comes from a fashion background, and Boris a product design background. Yann has always been interested in fashion communication, and the way people dress throughout history and the way this links to personal identity, whereas Boris’ approach to product design was from a problem-solving perspective. After meeting and working together on several projects, they reached the epiphany that these 2 worlds were more similar than they’d thought, and the synergy and different creative perspectives gave them the space and opportunity to create something truly unique.

Yann and Boris were working in-house at Central St Martins until 2 years ago, when they were approached by serial entrepreneur and investor Saul Klein. Saul is known for his passion with working with seed and early stage businesses. He believed in the innovative approach the duo were taking with their work, invested and brought The Design Laboratory to Tileyard. The investment from Saul was the validation Yann and Boris needed to ensure they were doing something special, and on the right path to building something very exciting.

The USP that makes The Design Laboratory so distinctive is their approach to:

“Tell stories through products”

We asked Yann how they do this, he said:

“From the beginning until now, every brief is answered by every discipline”

He added:

“We are not artists, we create something for our users, analysing the user, and tell the story through design, this can be anything; a digital experience, book, fashion collection, cocktail, scent”

“All products for us are different, we challenge never to do the same thing twice”

The Design Laboratories ability to tell stories and tailor a unique experience for the end user is something that is done with absolute precision, and cuts out the need for a client to go to several businesses for the launch of a campaign.

Boris adds “we tackle the launch, product, communication. The Design Lab always starts from a story based perspective, this way the story is always clear from the creative direction”.

The Design Laboratory hold no boundaries to the types of products, challenges and clients they work with, they’ve worked with technology, fashion, spirits, cleaning products, food and so many more. Examples of brands they’ve worked with include Coca-cola, Samsonite, MTV, Platoon, Disney, V&A, Vodafone, Bacardi, VANS, Habitat and many more.

Most recently, Yann and Boris have decided to collaborate with Tileyard Education, on the launch of the brand new Masters programme, MA Design. Not only will The Design Laboratory write and deliver modules on the MA, they will be bringing students in-house for work placements and industry mentoring during their year of study. With their years of design innovation, they will offer students a practical and non-linear approach to design briefs, and valuable real-world opportunities to develop and harness the necessary skills to approach design from every angle. Tileyard Education Managing Director said:

“We are delighted to be working with the leading tastemakers in design. The Design Laboratory are renowned and respected in the creative industries as innovators, and we couldn’t be more excited to build this opportunity for prospective students.”

Yann and Boris added, the best way to become the best at what you do is to: “Challenge norm and self and to keep learning”.

A great mantra, for any student looking to grow their creative talents! You can find out more about MA Design here.

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