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Bursary and Scholarship Winners 2017

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In late 2017, Tileyard Education announced the launch of its bursary and scholarship scheme.

 Key partners Devialet, Spitfire Audio, Marshall Records and Key Production offered to support one student each during their year of study. Each student that was successful in their applications of 17/18 were automatically shortlisted for the bursary and scholarship awards. The criteria for each company was different, whilst some were looking for talent, others were looking for future entrepreneurs. We caught up with the awardees to find out what they have been up to in the last 7 months since they started studying at Tileyard Education.

Key Production CEO Karen Emmanuel offered a £2,500 bursary to Desiree Banugo. Karen was looking for an entrepreneur and a woman she felt she could share knowledge with and mentor. Karen chose Desiree Benugo, one of our MA Music Businessstudents because she felt she had business potential. Desiree has a distinctive and successful history is social media and marketing, and has been a strategist for Chinelo Communications, as well as working for companies such as Shell and Wool and the Gang.

Desiree felt she wanted to reconnect with her love of the music industry, as well as build networks and strengthen her knowledge of the new music and media trends. Desiree says that Karen is “An inspirational role model whose advice has given me clarity on my career and business direction“. Desiree also said Karen has given her access to contacts, offered entrepreneurial advice, advised her on business planning and structure and has offered to continue to support her after she graduates Tileyard Education.

Steve Tannett of Marshall Records was interested in finding new talent for his sponsored bursary of £2,5000, and Duncan Brookfield was his perfect choice. Duncan has an impressive track record with over 3 million streams on Spotify with his solo project BROOKFIELD. Duncan also has several other musical projects including playing bass for alternative band Black Ashes and drums for indie-rockers Pure Youth. 

Steve also awarded Duncan with a CODE 50 Marshall amp which he uses for live shows and the two are now discussing shooting a live session with Duncan at their flagship studios. Steve said “Duncan is an opportunist, he’s inspiring and we’re proud to be sponsoring him.”

Victor D’Allance, General Manager of Devialet UK wanted to support one artist by providing them with one of their newest and most highly-acclaimed Phantom Gold Speaker. His thoughts were very simple, keep close to young talent, and make this bespoke product accessible to students. “We never know how the future will go, so being in touch with the young talent is the way we connect to the future.

Victor was so impressed with the quality of applications, he chose 2 students. Elizabeth is the first we’d like to introduce you to. You can check out Elizabeth by her stage name ‘LIZZIEMACK’ as she continues to plug and grace the underground London music circuit.

We asked Elizabeth how she was enjoying her bursary: “Devialet was a new brand to me and I was more than excited to hear what their speakers sounded like and the answer is.. AWESOME! I have heard parts songs that I’ve never heard before and would recommend them to anyone. I have also had meetings with the London branch of Devialet and some exciting plans are ahead!”

Chloë Rona was the second student to be awarded a Phantom Gold Speaker by Devialet General Manager Victor D’Allance. Victor said “We’re very happy to be involved in the partnership with Tileyard Education. First of all, we want to encourage the students, to show our confidence in them and let them know they are not alone.

Chloe’s career has taken off since arriving at Tileyard Education, and she kicked up quite a media storm with her latest single ‘Cruel Intentions’. The song got coverage on Madeleine Mae, Fortitude Magazine, and HartMedia.

Chloë loves her Phantom Gold Speaker and uses her 2500 strong Instagram following to share stories of her playing her favourite tracks on it. Chloe has already had two meetings with the Devialet team and is looking forward to working with them more in the future. At current, Tileyard Education and Devialet are discussing hosting and filming an exclusive Devialet breakfast at their London offices in Tileyard London.

“It’s really exciting for us to be able to help Haula to develop her skillset on the MA in Commercial Songwriting and Production at Tileyard. Looking back on my notes when I started listening through the candidates for the Spitfire Scholarship, my first reaction on hearing Haula’s songs: staggeringly good – amazing voice, writing, lyrics, soul.. That kind of sums it up really!”

Spitfire Audio decided to go all the way and support one lucky student with providing the full fee to cover our MA Commercial Songwriting and Production masters’ programme. Christian Henson from Spitfire Audio said he wanted to: “Use the success of Spitfire Audio to help people begin their careers”. After reviewing all applications, the Spitfire Audio team chose their clear winner, Haula.

Haula has already had 2-3 meetings with the Spitfire Audio team, written up a social media plan and is looking to discuss more projects when the team get back from LA. Since being at Tileyard Education, Haula has been taking the UK music scene by storm. Haula’s EP is now being backed by Help Musicians UK and MOBO Awards, and Focusrite will be funding her release. When we asked Haula about her experience as a student so far, she said: “Being in the Tileyard community is opening doors for me and it’s legitimising me”. You can listen to Haula here.

We’ll be running our bursary and scholarship scheme again for all students applying for any of our three postgraduate programmes for applications 18/19. For more information on how to apply please email: admissions@tileyardeducation.co.uk

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