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Who Are They? Badoos

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“One of the best things about Tileyard is the people that work here”.

A very true statement, one that repeats itself among most of the community that resides in the vibrant N7 postcode.

Tileyard Education benefits from being surrounded by so much talent: producers, artists, students, film makers, tech companies, publishers, labels and, of course, our own internal creative team. For this week’s edition of ‘Who Are They’, we’d like to spotlight our content creator and videographer, Panos Agamemnos, or Badoos, as you may of heard of him.

Badoos has always been passionate about music, picking up a guitar at the age of 11. Through his teenage years, he was in several bands and formally studied Music Technology Practice at Westminster Kingsway College.

Badoos is no stranger to the hustle of the creative sector and, after finishing college, he applied himself to work straight away. He has worked on several interesting projects, including a Award-Winning sensory garden for Radiomarathon, a charity that works to get people with learning difficulties the tools they need through education to get into jobs.

From here, Badoos went about starting his freelance career, working for several companies on content creation and video editing, alongside his music endeavours. Whilst working his multiple day jobs, Badoos has always continued to nurture his music, finding a balance between the two.

Badoos is now one of the newest members of the Tileyard team, working as a full-time content creator and videographer across the Tileyard brands. He has been instrumental in Tileyard’s recent re-brand and is often known as ‘the man with a camera’ around site. Badoos can be found pointing his camera in studios, songwriting camps, live performances, masterclasses and his time is spent capturing all of the incredibly exciting activity that happens at Tileyard.

But by night, Badoos continues to make and play music, as a ‘forward-thinking’ Producer, his music has ambient, atmospheric tones. At his live performances, you may also see Badoos own artwork. He incorporates visuals to compliment the music. He said:

“The music comes first, the visuals come later, but they are an important part of the message I am trying to put out”

We asked Badoos to define his music, he said:

“My music is about expanding consciousness, understanding the self, and appreciation for nature”

In the last few years, Badoos has had notable success, especially in live, opening for ‘Arms & Sleepers’ in 2016, he has played live shows in Paris, Portugal and London. Badoos said he has benefited from being at Tileyard in many ways, he wanted to be around more creative and like-minded individuals. Since working at Tileyard, he’s been in more sessions, collaborated with artists and students on site, and has many more exciting projects in the pipeline.

We look forward to catching up with Badoos soon, but check out his Instagram for more on his music and art work here.

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