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Welcome, Future International Music Marketers!

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Tileyard Education has undergone some big growth since it opened it’s doors in 2017 to deliver postgraduate courses in Tileyard, London.

We’ve successfully graduated over 100 students, seen our alumni sign deals, attain their dream jobs working in labels, PR, music tech, and this year we are delighted to welcome in what we think will be the future of music marketing.

MA International Music Marketing is the latest addition to Tileyard’s evergrowing industry-focused educational offering, in collaboration with Tileyard Music, to train the next generation of music marketers. The course will offer a 360-degree view of the world of music marketing, including an international industry placement in term three, where they work in house for some of the largest music industry companies in the UK, or globally.

We welcome every one of our brand new students, with high aspirations, and big dreams, and the sky is the limit. We’ll be following their stories over the course of the year, stay tuned for some exciting stories, and welcome to our first-ever cohort of music marketers!

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