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Welcome Class Of 2020!

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Another year, another shining cohort.

As we wave goodbye to summer and the autumn flurry whisks us into October, the birth of new projects, new ideas, new directions and growth is always imminent.

With that, we are delighted to welcome Tileyard Education’s class of 2020. As we fire up Pro Tools, adjust our microphones and plug into the next year of our lives, we are off to a promising start.

This year, Tileyard Education welcomed in record-breaking numbers to all 3 programmes, with a hosting of music business, music production and songwriting all students all ready to propel their career in music.

We have already held our first songwriting camp with live briefs each day and, this year, we welcomed a new partner Outdustry, a music publisher in Asia, who delivered a live brief all the way from China over Skype to all students.

This year, as with each year, the talent has wowed our music industry applications panel, setting the bar high, we cannot wait to see what they can achieve in the forthcoming months.

Follow us for new music shares, success stories and more on our Instagram and watch this space.

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