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Tileyard Education Partners With The Joe Strummer Foundation

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Tileyard Education strives to create meaningful, worthwhile and key industry partnerships. We believe collaboration is an effective way, for companies and people alike, to help drive success and growth.

This year, Tileyard Education is delighted to announce one of their most exciting partnerships to date, we’ve been working behind the scenes with the highly reputable music charity, The Joe Strummer Foundation. In the year after Joe’s passing his close friends and family set up Strummerville as a way to continue his legacy and provide support to musicians who may not usually have access to it.

Joe’s notorious Glastonbury Festival campfire is continued today by the JSF who consider it a bit of a spiritual home. A friendly space where everyone is welcome to come and talk, sing, collaborate openly and freely.

Though Strummerville changed their name to The Joe Strummer Foundation in 2014, their mission statement has always remained the same:

“To provide opportunities to musicians and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music.”

This name change made way for greater missions and objectives, as the charity strived for a greater reach, more funding and bigger projects than they’d be able to attain before.

The Joe Strummer Foundation has many friends who provide invaluable support. One of which, Frank Turner has been influential in their support of the Worldwide Arts For Youth project in Sierra Leone who help disadvantaged and street youth find a voice through creative expression. Some other projects and collaborations have been with In Place of War, Choir With No Name, The Warren Youth Project, Jail Guitar Doors, Love Support Unite, and the Roundhouse where for the past four years they have sponsored an intensive music course for young people not in education, employment or training.

We caught up with Jamie Webb, the Charity Coordinator, to find out about the future plans for the foundation. He said:

“We aim to continue to offer support to music non-profits and build up new relationships to ensure we can help more people”

The Foundation will also be presenting StrummerJam this year. Throughout the month of August 2019 StrummerJam events are held around the world to celebrate the life, music and memory of Joe Strummer and to help raise funds for music non-profits.

StrummerJam is a month-long DIY global fundraising campaign that unites people so that together we can help change the world through music, as Joe said: “without people, you’re nothing.”

Moving forward, Tileyard Education and The Joe Strummer Foundation will be collaborating on many projects. Things to look forward to will be live shows, songwriting camps hosted at Tileyard London and many more exciting projects in the works.

None of The Joe Strummer Foundation’s great work can’t continue, if there isn’t support.You can head along to https://chuffed.org/project/the-joe-strummer-foundation and donate any amount, to support the charity’s onward vision providing opportunities to striving artists.

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