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The Future Innovators: Music Marketing

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Jobs in music marketing are becoming the most sought-after roles in the music industry right now, but why? 

If you’re considering a job in music, or, you may already be working in the industry, you might have noticed the growing number of specialist music marketing roles advertised on a weekly basis. 

Good music marketers are in high demand right now, but why?

“There are over 40,000 tracks being released every week”

This is, of course, a huge contributing factor. Imagine each of those 40,000 tracks need artwork, content and, if you’re doing it right, a solid marketing and PR strategy. However, that only identifies a portion of what is being marketed in the industry. Artists themselves need to be proactive and savvy on social media, and with hundreds of thousands of music companies all competing for their slice of the music industry pie, the way to get a step ahead is to know your marketing and know it well.

It isn’t good enough anymore to align yourself to one specific job role in a creative marketplace, having a specialism in marketing helps candidates applying for jobs and starting businesses stand out from the crowd, to put it in layman’s terms, it could well be the difference between 1000 and 100,000 streams on Spotify.

The way music is being consumed is ever changing, as we are in the digital age of streaming and social media, with new platforms, such as TIKTOK, disrupting the market on a regular basis, the industry is having to promptly revise the way it capitalises on music.

This is why, Tileyard Education are delighted to announce the new International Music Marketing MA, designed in collaboration with Tileyard Music to train up the next wave of music marketers. This Master of The Arts programme is unique, taught solely at Tileyard – the largest pro-music community in Europe. Each student will have access to the rich network of professionals, as well as gain a music industry placement and learn the many facets of digital marketing, new technology and image branding and the skills in the creative workplace.

You can hear more from Charlie Arme, Founding Partner at Tileyard Music on the venture here.

This unique MA is guided by music professionals and is an innovative and unmatched masters, the only of its kind.

If you’re interested in being part of the new-wave of music marketers the industry is hungry for, you can find out more on how to apply here.

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