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Meet The Spitfire Audio 2019 Scholarship Winner

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Tileyard Education is proud to announce Spitfire Audio’s annual scholarship winner, Producer and Writer Josette Dennis.

Josette, who currently studying MA Commercial Music Producer, is a London native “with no formal music training or financial access to music lessons, instruments and equipment…the path towards music was not visible”. As she developed her love of music and production she noticed most “visible producers” were male. This fact “was not encouraging to [her] ideas to produce music…and knocked [her] confidence”. Her step into music didn’t begin until 2014, while she was studying International Development at Sussex University. She “met and joined creative collective called Six Weeks (SXWKS) who run yearly Arts Council funded exhibitions and workshops.

She then met and started shadowing Chief Engineer and Producer of Sensible Studios, Jon Moon. Josette learned “how to mix and record live bands and solo artists”. Josette joined the MA with a goal of being able to “confidently create every major aspect” of a track from beginning to end.

In the future, her goal is to “create opportunities in Artist development for young people” who cannot afford music lessons, instruments, etc.

Spitfire Audio describes itself as a “music technology company”. They “specialize in sounds: sample libraries, virtual instruments, and other useful software devices. [They] collaborate with the best composers, artists and engineers…to build musical tools that sound great and are exciting to use”.

Christian Henson is a composer, founded the audio company along with Paul Thomson. They began the company over a “shared dissatisfaction for string sample libraries”. Eventually, the two “got to sampling soloists” and found that “they could afford to invite players to their studios…hence, Spitfire Audio” was born.

Since Spitfire’s start ten years ago, they have worked with an incredibly impressive roster, which includes, Hans Zimmer, Eric Whitacre, Olafur Arnalds, and London Contemporary Orchestra. They have also had their sounds featured in major film scores as well as recordings by Radiohead and U2.

Josette was overwhelmed to find out she had been selected by Christian, Paul and the team, and is looking forward to working alongside Spitfire Audio over the next year.

Congratulations and welcome to the Spitfire family Josette!

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