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Marli, Lyra & New Music Friday

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Marli Harwood has had a long career as a top 40 radio artist, with 6 deals and 7 albums, she signed to Island Records at the age of 19.

However, her focus now is collaborating and writing for others. She’s had remarkable success as a songwriter, her releases include “Stole The Show” by Kygo feat. Parson James (Sony), “, “All We Have Is Forgiveness” by Sondr feat. Joe Cleere (Ultra), “Love Won’t Let Me Go” by Julian Peretta (Sony) and “Aqualung” by Miss Li (Sony). Marli is also part of the Tileyard Education team delivering tutoring, masterclasses and mentorship to MA Commercial Songwriting and Production students.

Most recently, Marli gained notable success on a co-write with artist Lyra on the track ‘Falling’ that made its way onto a New Music Friday playlist on Spotify after it’s release! We caught up with Marli to ask her about the track, and how the collaboration came to be. Marli said;

“We got on straight away, I’d seen her play live, and she is just an absolute superstar.”

She also said;

“The collaboration worked because sometimes things just come when you have a free channel, when there is an organic connection”

This was the first time the pair had written a song together. The chorus had been constructed, but no one was happy with the verses. After one day together in the studio, the 2 had created something everyone was delighted with. Marli said one of the things that helps her with the creative process is;

“Visualising the video of the track, and drawing inspiration from that”

She said the two had a fantastic working creative energy, and the future holds many more writing sessions for this complimentary creative duo.

You can find out more about Lyra here and more on Marli here.

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