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Marketing Your Music On Social Media

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In the age of digital media, streaming and social platforms, content for your music has never been more important. 

It’s a hot topic and, if I’m honest, I don’t think there is a clear formula for using social media to build your artist profile, but one thing that is clear, having a social media presence is essential. Even major labels are still trying to understand how best to use social channels for capitalising on artist sales and how to grow fanbases. However, there are some very simple rules you can follow to help you along your journey to social media success.

Below is a list of my top tips for using social media for your music, how to grow your audience, and how to make the most of your channel. 

Which Platform?

Facebook. Instagram, TIK TOK, Twitter? Musicians should consider having a social media presence on all platforms, but I would suggest picking one main social channel and focusing more energy there. Instagram is the obvious choice, to begin with, TIKTOK if you’re planning to curate meme-style content.

Ads. A little can go a long way…

When trying to gain attraction from publishers, managers, the first thing they are going to look at is your engagement, this is the number of people liking individual posts rather than numbers of followers (though 5K follows is the benchmark for brand endorsements). A small £5 boost on individual posts can make a big difference for engagement, build your likes and draw potential fans to pages if you curate your audience well.


Never forget your hashtags. Sounds simple, but there are tools that exist to help you to locate the top trending tags. This helps boost your posts and helps non-followers to locate your content. Hashtagging brands can also be good ways to gain attraction from them for future endorsements.

Quality or Quantity?

Well, both. Regular posting is important for algorithms and to keep your audience engaged, but curation and quality are essential to communicate your music and brand image in the best possible way. Only clean high-res shots, try to avoid pixelation where possible. A good iPhone will do the job, you don’t necessarily need an SLR camera.


Using apps such as Later and Hootesuite can save you time. To schedule in advance means you can curate narratives and types of content in advance. It also makes it more efficient in the long run.

Engage with your audience

Find your tribe online through finding people who follow your influences. Once you find that dedicated fanbase, like, share and comment on their activity too, it’ll boost your own likes and Instagram’s algorithm likes it too.

Be authentic

This is the most important one for me, above all others, be authentic. Not being authentic is unsustainable, it also makes you unrelatable as you are unable to express your true voice and enjoy the process of telling your own narrative through social media.

By Lucy Ann Macieira (Tileyard Education Marketing)

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