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Make Me Human

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We caught up with Hannah Boleyn, one of Tileyard Education’s recent alumni of the MA Commercial Songwriting and Production course.

Hannah has been a recording artist, but is known first and foremost for her catchy toplines and lyric writing. Hannah has been in the studio loads as of late, writing and collaborating with other writers and producers. Herself, and other Tileyard alumni James Grover (Yconn) and Francesca Di Basi (Maki Flow), have been working on numerous writing projects together.

Recently, the trio wrote a song together in a single session, called ‘Make Me Human’. The title was an idea from James, and was inspired by the lyrics of the track. The track is a love song, and opens the dialogue around modern romance, commenting on society spending too much time on digital devices, the time spent on phones and laptops means we are missing real human connections, we are isolating ourselves from what is real, physical. So the lovesong calls into the foreground, the need to sometimes just turn everything off.

The trio were so proud of their track, Hannah invested time in pitching to various artists that they liked, seeing the potential, they hoped someone would want to use the track. As well as numerous others, Hannah reached out to Music producer and DJ duo from Spain, ‘We Architects’, who promptly responded with their own version on the production of the track, saying they were going to send it over to SONY GSA. SONY GSA loved it, set a release date, and the deal was done. Hannah said;

“We’re delighted ‘We Architects’ liked our track and decided to release it, we are all genuine fans, and the song sounds amazing!”

‘Make Me Human’ releases today on all streaming platforms, an amazing achievement from all 3 writers involved. Maki Flow’s vocals feature on the track, and James and Maki Flow will be recording a live acapella version of the track, to be released very soon. Watch this space!

You can stream the track ‘Make Me Human’ here

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