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MA International Music Marketing VS MA Music Business

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Thinking about launching your career in the music industry? 

Whether you’re an aspiring label manager, artist manager, music marketing aficionado or have an idea for the next big music app, Tileyard Education provides a great range of postgraduate MA Programmes and access to Europe’s largest music industry network for anyone ready to launch their career in music.

Over 50% of our graduates in MA Music Business secured jobs in the music industry within the first month of graduating, with companies such as Columbia Records, MTV, Big Indie Records and Tileyard Music. 

Students at Tileyard Education benefit from analysing and working live industry campaigns and case studies on our courses but what makes studying at Tileyard so exciting is all the added value that comes with studying an industry-centric course in the largest professional music community in Europe. Alongside joining the in-house record label, gaining an industry mentor, and immersing themselves in the industry networks in this lively creative quarter, graduates have an annual opportunity, as alumni, to pitch creative and business projects to the Tileyard Investment Fund.

So what are differences between the MA Music Business and MA International Music Marketing?

MA Music Business

It’s simplest to think of the MA Music Business like an MBA for the Music Business ie a rounded and in-depth exploration of the fundamental stakeholder centres of the music industry. Split across into 7 modules, you’ll learn about economics and financial planning, legal and business affairs, creative music management, new technology in creative entertainment, marketing and live event management. The course also offers an optional industry placement, where students can be placed in-house with a music business company to learn and gain real industry experience.

What are the job prospects for this course?

A student graduating from the MA Music Business would be qualified to access a range of jobs, some examples are: music management, A&R, promotions, varying levels of jobs in record labels, music publishing, live booking agents, concert promoters, business management, tour coordination, festival management and many more. 

Who applies for this course?

This course is for anyone looking to take an accelerated and connected route into the music industry. Our courses are inclusive, we can take BA graduates from a range Bachelors programmes on merit of a 2:2 minimum, so long as the skills are transferable. Someone without a Bachelors degree, may also apply if they have a minimum of three years work experience in the industry, and can back that up with a supporting statement and professional references. 

And the MA International Music Marketing?

MA International Music Marketing was created in response to several labels, publishers and music executives inquiring with Tileyard Education about graduate marketing skillsets for their businesses. There is a global shortage of good quality music marketing staff and so the MA International Music Marketing aims to address that head on. 

This is therefore an innovative and cutting-edge programme, specialising in music and entertainment marketing and is perfect for someone looking to fulfil a marketing role in the music industry. With thousands of new music releases happening every week globally, music marketing on- and offline has never been more important. You can hear more from Charlie Arme, Partner to Tileyard Music discussing this here

The modules on the course have a strong marketing and creative focus, including Principles and Practices of Marketing, Image Branding and the Creative Process, Digital Music Marketing, Skills for the Creative Workplace, a guaranteed industry placement for a music company and a Creative Marketing Project to complete the MA qualification.  

What are my job prospects for this course?

Marketing manager, marketing coordinator, digital marketing manager, social media manager, product manager, head of marketing, promotions manager, sales manager, marketing coordinator, music and marketing representative, consumer researcher, record industry and account representative, concert promoter and tour publicist to name a few.

Who applies for this course?

Creative entrepreneurs with a passion for marketing and music. As with our MA Music Business, our courses are inclusive, we will happily take a Bachelors graduate from a range of BA courses with a merit of 2:2 minimum, whereby skills are transferable. We can also take students without a Bachelors, so long as they have 3 years of experience in the music industry, and can back that up with a supporting statement and professional references.

So, which one?

Both courses offer in-depth music case studies, taught with leading music industry professionals, however both lead to quite different job prospects. MA International Music Marketing leads clearly with the title of the course, if you want a career in music marketing, this is the course for you. If you’re interested in the wider range of jobs in music, from Artist Management, Record Label, Music Publishing, Live Event Management or New Media Entrepreneurship then MA Music Business will offer you a wider range of job prospects, outside of marketing.

If you’re interested in hearing more about any of our MA’s, you can always pop down to our campus on one of our open days, and ask more. You can book onto one here.

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