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Love Live Music 10 Marketing Top Tips

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On Thursday Evening on IG LIVE,  Lucy spoke to Sally J Freeman, from Love Live Music UK, the discussion, went through how the pandemic has affected the music industry, and all the different ways musicians can diversify to make an income.

SF:I was at virtual Midem last week and Mark Mulligan from Midia gave some great stats about recovery economics. Essentially everything has changed! So the question is what is next and what will stay with us? Some things will be temporary changes and some things here to stay.

  • Increases in a. Netflix, b. Video conferencing 3. Gaming.
  • Decreases in IRL Live Music, Cinema, live events, also less spending power.
  • 19% increase in the use of Youtube. 

We are viewing our content not so much on mobile now. (At time of Writing) so there has been a decrease in the use of phones,and an increase of listening to music on smart devices e.g. Smart TV’s, Sonos.

Why? Less commuting time, we want to consume everything on better platforms, better speakers, better quality. 

We need to prepare for a recession, adapt and connect our music to new streams. E.g Wellness and fitness, podcasts, music for kids is a huge growth area, video game syncs, working on our live streaming events.

So what is our response to this?

Time to sort everything – You, are time Rich!

I watched Grayson Perry’s Art Club and was inspired by his thoughts on struggle and brokenness: 

“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.  They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.”

So our challenge is to take these times and make them gold – take these difficult times, put them into your songwriting, Production, Life, celebrate the loss as well as gains.

1. Start with your Tribe.

Where does your audience live? Where is their Digital Home?

Take a piece of paper and write down all the different social homes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok. Look at the figures. Compare growth. Where is the main place your audience lives? Create an archetype. Age, gender,

2. Email list – old fashioned but they are your bread and butter?

Start, raid your inbox, put all into an excel and add to Mailchimp – you can add 2000 for FREE. Never too late to start. 1,000 super fans.

3. Grow your socials – Now is the time to grow your socials.

How do we do this: 3 c’s


Collaboration – work with others.

I see we are moving away from a broadcast model to a more community, collaborative approach. This is not the time to be doing the sell, sell, sell message.  Offer to work with other people that formerly may be seen as the competition.


Every day. Like a small child/pet/plant – they need care every day, nurturing, responding to requests.

4. Spotify – & (other streaming platforms) – take time to refine your channels.Go to Spotify for Artists – and do the following:

  • Add images – up to 125
  • Work on your artist Bio – 1500 characters
  • Engage your inner geek – understand where your audience is, look at those that are engaging and reach out to those. Who, where, related artists and look at playlists – create some playlists. 


72000 artists have been added using the playlist pitch tool. Consistently pitch music for the playlists – spotify have 100 real life editors looking at new music. There is a new music tool to get on the discover weekly – Your release radar/Discover Weekly.

Machine Learning AI selects which tunes you hear – Artists do submit your new tunes via the tool – feels very cold to artists but keep on doing it and your music will be discovered. 

Create a 500-word new release bio – catch the editor’s eye. Don’t say your music sounds like nothing that has ever been created before. Say it is like something but a new take/evolution – you have to give editors parameters.

Grow your Spotify listeners/followers by embedding code into your website. Follow is about engaging your audience to convert listeners to fans.

5. Monetising your music :

Goes without saying if you haven’t signed up to PRS do it today! Get your publishing sorted and youtube monetisation.

6. Live Gigs:

Small/intimate/bespoke – ticketed events for a set number of people. Advertise through socials and emails. Eventbrite integrates well into Mailchimp e.g. Laura Marling. Don’t give it away for FREE! Value your art/music.

7.  Try another platform that you are not on.

LinkedIn – lots of the music business are on this – build your network at this time. Add me! 


Triller is an entertainment platform built for creators. A social video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds.

Tik Tok – specific uses – won’t work for everyone.

8. Image

Use this time to think about your image that will be used online. Do you need new headshots? You have an album – what is this image for this album. Get creative if you have no money. Artists creating home videos

  • Wardrobe – use old things, recycle.
  • Image – do an outside photo shoot.
  • Text: work on strap lines and bios
  • Art work – paint/draw/create

9. Put all of the above in a good EPK

Electronic Press Kit. This is the information that you send out to promoters, festivals, press, labels in fact anyone that you work with.

It is essential to get this info correct. Twitter Bio, FB Bio, programme bio – one sentence, magazine and long-form magazine.

When asked for a video bio – do it. Create a 30-second video introducing yourself.

10. We are all in a new world.

What other skills do you have? Artwork, poetry, writing, what differentiates you?

Create digital assets and organise them in something like dropbox. Add to your phone so when you get the “call” you can instantly text a share link to the person.

We are all required to be innovative in our digital marketing at this challenging time. 

Live – We will enter the world of Virtual booking agents, scarcity value and the VIP experience online will be the way forward. 


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