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Lloren Signs To A&G Sync and A&G Songs

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Electro popstar Lloren signs worldwide music publishing deal with London based Publisher and Sync Agency, A&G Songs and A&G Sync.

Cinematic artist Lloren, real name Lauren Bannon was scouted by Founder and CEO of A&G Songs and A&G Sync, Roy Lidstone, at one of Tileyard Education’s A&R Sessions.

Jamie, A&R Sessions Manager, and the wider events team work hard to programme a rich catalogue of diverse and high-profile industry professionals for each event, which happen once a month at Tileyard London. The concept is simple, we invite a music-industry professional to the stage to ask them about their life and career, then the latter half of the event is spent playing live music to the professional, and the room, so the artists can receive live feedback on their music.

For February’s edition, the team reached out to Roy Lidstone of A&G Sync and A&G Songs, given the audience’s interest in sync advice and opportunities. Against all odds, including Roy’s flight being delayed from Sweden and a nearly cancelled event, Roy made it, to immerse himself in a night of emerging talent.

After Jamie and Roy spent some time discussing Roy’s career, they launched into the A&R part of the event, where Lauren played her track. It was from here that the two met, Roy was remarkably impressed by Lauren’s voice and songwriting talent. 

Roy said: 

“We are so excited to be working with her unique talent and for her to join the A&G Roster. She is an exceptional songwriter and live performer and we are very confident the world will see much more of this emerging talent. A&G Songs and A&G Sync are already developing opportunities and Lloren is working both on her artist album and composer for Trailer / film.”

He added: 

“Lloren’s natural way of writing music and lyrics lend themselves to do well for film and TV. With this in mind, we are developing those further, and working with track record composers and other writers along with her own production skills. 

We have already started in earnest, Lloren’s re worked trailer version of ‘Into The Fire’ Epic mix by Christain Reindl (A&G composer) just landed on Germany’s hit ‘Bachelorette’  TV series and the same title is being worked for a US TV promo/trailer. We have about 10 Loren originals and covers being produced for the film and TV Trailer world for end of August. Watch this space;)

Lloren’s career has gone from strength to strength. She has recently signed a management deal with AJM Management and shot into the media this year with her debut single ‘Into The Fire’, which surpassed 100k streams on YouTube and premiered in Attitude Magazine.  She has also toured alongside American artist Fleurie in March 2019 on a 6-stop EU tour, and will be returning to Germany to perform later this Summer.

Roy said:

“Lloren is also working on her album material and live performance which is going from strength to strength. Future plans would include more single releases, collaborations, international writing trips and tours / support tours to gain and grow fanbase leading to the right label deal for her ideally we see this landing over the next 18 months”. 

Jamie said:

“This is why I love hosting the A&R Sessions, this is the point, to connect the right artists to the right people in the industry and to watch them succeed and flourish, this is by far the most exciting A&R Sessions story to date. We are delighted for Lloren and cannot wait to hear more!”

He added:

“These sessions are getting bigger and bigger, the talent is out-standing and we have some very exciting music-industry guests coming in to fill the rest of 2019 which we cannot wait to share with our audience!”

You can find out more about any of our up and coming A&R Sessions Series here.

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