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Liv(ing) Room Sessions: TROI

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Join us for an intimate performance with MA International Music Marketing student TROI from the comfort of your living room.

We’ll be going LIVE on our Instagram from 7PM Thursday to 7 May.

Add us on Instagram here for the countdown.

Troi is an emerging, free-spirited musician, singer and songwriter with a storied history of live performances, musical education and recorded sessions. Her passion for music tells stories of her own experiences and others, creating meaningful song lyrics and melodies. She regularly performs live gigs up and down the UK.

Inspired by a range of styles and genres, Troi’s main style collates a mixture of folk and pop with a touch of R&B influenced vocals. Whilst she began playing and writing music from the early age of 11, she still continues to work hard fulfilling her love for music, recently completing a Music Degree with a First and is now studying a Masters in Music Marketing at the heart of popular London.

Follow TROI here.

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