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‘Lay Low’ with Haula and ZoZo

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We caught up with Songwriting alumni Haula & ZoZo to discuss some very exciting news.

During their time at Tileyard Education, ZoZo and Haula were a part of 3 songwriting camps. The first two camps took place at Tileyard London, and the final camp took place at ‘Palmer Global Ink’, a set of studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

During their 5 days of writing in Nashville, students were paired with each other, as well as Nashville-based writers and producers to work on international briefs. Teacher to the MA’s, and songwriter Sarah Manovski also attended the camp alongside Tileyard Music signed Producer, Steve Manovski, to mentor, write and work with the students.

Sarah worked closely with Allan McKendree Palmer, Palmer Global Ink President and CEO to ensure the writing camp was a huge success.

On the final day of the camp, ZoZo and Haula were paired with Steve and Sarah in the studio, the team decided not to work on a brief that day, but to write something they wanted to write. ZoZo said;

“We wanted to make something with ‘The Weekend’ vibe.”

So the team took to writing the track they envisioned. Steve Manovski took the lead, and came up with the chords for the song, and kept layering. The team then started writing  melodies and lyrics for the verses, and finally, the chorus.

ZoZo and Haula had both worked with Sarah before, and said the writing came very natural. Haula said;

“It was so natural to write with them because we were all friends!”

ZoZo said;

“I remember the day really well, but it also feels like a complete blur now! Definitely my favourite co-writing session.”

But what happened next wasn’t something any of them could have expected. Months later, Tileyard Music had been instrumental in pitching the track to Universal Music in Poland, knowing the song had great potential. By early 2019, the track ‘Lay Low’ was in the hands of ‘The Voice’ Kids 2018 and Junior Eurovision 2018 Winner, Roxie.

The song written by the team has been released as her first ever international single! The track has has over 2 million streams on Youtube in less than 5 days! You can still hear ZoZo and Haula’s backing vocals in the final production too!

Haula and ZoZo are delighted, Haula said;

“The whole team have completely different styles, so the fact we managed to write a song like that, was amazing.”

We asked the two what their future plans were with their music, and what is on the horizon for them both. The pair said there may be plans to work together in the future in a shared capacity, but ZoZo is going to be working on producing some of Haula’s future releases. Haula also continues to write with Sarah, the pair meet regularly to bounce creative ideas off of each other.

ZoZo also has a new single coming out mid-May you can look out for, the track is titled ‘I know your world is crazy”. You can keep up with ZoZo’s future releases on her Instagram page here.

Haula is also working on new music, and has plans to release her next single in the summer, you can keep up to date with Haula’s music on her Instagram page here.

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