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Joe Bayley’s 300 Vocal Tracks

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MA Commercial Music Production student Joe Bayley is a master producer, musician, artist and has been using his time in quarantine productively to step outside of his comfort zone and experiment with new ideas.

As part of an earlier assignment in term one, Joe made what he describes as “by far the most complicated arrangements I’ve ever done, with 300 vocal tracks.” The piece is a unique cover of The White Stripes hit single “Seven Nation Army”.

He composed and recorded the piece mostly from home over a couple of weeks, but stated: “I spent a long time mixing it”.

Joe also recorded his own video for the piece, shooting 8 separate videos over each bar, and spent 3 days filming to create this unique piece of content- after 2 weeks editing! And we’ve got to say, it was worth it, this unique adaption of a timeless song.

Joe said:

“I’ve not done anything like this before, It’s a real step out of my comfort zone.”

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Check out the full video below.

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