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Introducing Key Production’s Women In Music Bursary Award Winner, Kyarah Boon!

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We are delighted to announce that Kyarah Boon is this year’s awardee of Key Production’s 2020 Women In Music Bursary!

Every year Key Production’s CEO and Founder Karen Emanuel has contributed a financial reward to one female Music Business student to assist them with their university fees. She also supports her awardee with mentorship and ongoing support into alumni hood. This year she generously awarded Music Business student Kyarah Boon with £3000.

Karen has been recognised as one of the most influential women in the UK’s music industry and is passionate about education. Her company Key Production has become the largest agency in the UK specialising in manufacturing vinyl records and CDs, bespoke packaging, global sourcing, and project management for both music and other industries.

Kyarah, a powerhouse herself with big aspirations to infiltrate the industry with her own Record Label one day, caught up with us to tell us about the award, aspirations and experiences at Tileyard so far.

Congratulations Kyarah! How did you feel when you found out you’d been awarded the Women In Music Bursary?

I felt very overwhelmed and honoured. This was a gratifying milestone in my life as I felt that my hard work had been recognised. After speaking to Karen, I felt that I had accomplished something great as she recognised my passion for the music industry. I feel exceptionally grateful for having been awarded this bursary and having Karen as my mentor.

Why are you excited to have Karen as a mentor?

Karen is such an inspirational woman within the music industry who is making such a positive change, which is something that I highly look up to. Karen has many years of experience and success, which I know is really going to guide me in the right direction and teach me so many things, which makes having her as my mentor that much more intriguing.

Why did you choose Tileyard as a place to study your masters?

I learned about Tileyard when I was working as an Intern at Good Soldier Songs. They are based in Tileyard, and while I was working there, I learned about Tileyard Education. I was in my final year at ICMP and decided to apply to the Music Business Postgraduate Masters degree. I felt that Tileyard was able to help me continue my studies in the best possible way, as it allowed me to experience so many necessary modules in extreme depth. Tileyard is also a place which offers a massive amount of opportunities whenever you are there. I am continually making new connections and meeting unique individuals who are incredibly talented, which has opened many doors for me. As my biggest goal in life is to be as successful as possible within the music industry, I felt that Tileyard was able to help guide and support me in the right direction.

What has your experience been so far on MA Music business?

My experience in the MA Music Business course and on Tileyard has been extremely positive and rewarding so far. I have met so many amazing people so far who all have a similar goal as me, which makes it exciting to all be in such an environment together. I have also had the opportunity to learn so many new aspects of the music business industry, which I was not too familiar with before attending Tileyard. This has made me much more confident in being able to succeed in the music business world.

Tell us a little more about your aspirations for after completing your masters.

Personally, I have a lot of aspirations for myself and where I see myself in the future. As I’m 21 now, I would like to take some time after my studies to gain as much experience working within the music business industry. I want to build as many connections as I can and continue to grow my knowledge. In the future, my most substantial aspiration is to develop and run my record label, Boon Records. I am already in the process of creating this, and when I’ve built enough connections and have all the knowledge, I will make Boon Records as successful as possible. 

We’re delighted for Kyarah, and look forward to her flourishing relationship with Karen. You can catch Kyarah interviewing Karen Live on our Instagram next Thursday at 6pm on our Instagram, follow us here.

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