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Have you checked out our brand new playlist on YouTube yet?

Industry Hacks is a playlist curated by us, of free short-form content, filled with tips and hacks on how to work within different areas of the music industry.

Weekly, we’ve been uploading do’s and don’t’s, as well pros and cons of different types of music jobs, to give you the best insider tips. We’ve already interviewed Ray Jones (CEO of Events and Management Company Talentbanq), and Rick Blaskey (CEO and Founder of The Music And Media Partnerships).

Each music industry professional will, in no more than 5 minutes, guide viewers through some of their top tips, based on their wealth of experience.

The YouTube playlist aims to gain viewers an insight into Tileyard’s creative community, as well as educate and inspire.

We’re having a break over the Christmas season, but we’re back in 2020 with some very exciting guests! Stay tuned for more, and you can watch the full playlist here.

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