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Arieleno: From Peckham To The Roundhouse!

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Daniel Arieleno, a student of MA Music Business, has just come back from a UK-wide tour with Platinum-selling DJ/Producer Sigala, we caught up with Daniel to find out more.

Daniel grew up in Peckham, South London.

“There was a lot of street crime back then, all my friends were constantly getting their phones stolen, there were Peckham gangs, Lewisham gangs, it was a crazy time”

At an early age, Daniel found his rhythm through dance, he fell in love with street dance using it as a vehicle for expression. It wasn’t until the age of 10 that Daniel realised he could sing. One of his school teachers coordinated his class into a choir, one by one the teacher went around the room until Daniel was picked to sing, it was here he found his voice.

“I loved music, I just didn’t realise I could sing. I used to watch Top Of The Pops with my mum, I loved MTV Bass, I would copy the dance moves.”

After realising he could sing, Daniel started to pursue music at school, he has memories of staying in music class after the lesson had finished, he would teach himself how to produce on Cubase and write songs. He would also join the school choir, where he would regularly sing in assemblies.

After school, Daniel applied for The Brit School. He thanks the school for giving him “some of the best moments of my life”. He added: “From Peckham to The Brit School, so much of my perspective on the world changed […] Being at The Brit School felt a bit like High School Musical, it was colourful, everyone was passionate about creativity, people would just dance in the hallways.”

As well as this, Daniel stayed proactive outside of school, performing at local youth festivals in Peckham. He also presented a show on Reprezent Radio where he interviewed talent like KANO. During The Brit School, Daniel also joined an R’N’B/Soul duo called ‘Insight’, which gave him the opportunity to open up for acts such as Ed Sheeran and Boyz II Men, and later on winning a MOBO unsung.

After The Brit School, Daniel went on to study a Popular Music Bachelors, whilst continuing to perform with ‘Insight’. A couple of years later, the duo came to a natural end and they started to pursue their individual music careers. At this point, Daniel started the process of finding his unique, authentic sound and was inspired heavily by The Script – “I loved his lyric writing and melodies”.

Post university, Daniel acquired a job in retail, but as an interim did a short course on songwriting and A&R. Through chance, he was introduced to Tileyard through Notting Hill’s Networking nights, where he came into contact with Tileyard Education. Daniel wasn’t sure at that point if studying a Masters was right for him, but was encouraged by a friend to apply.  He thought, “I’ll just apply for Tileyard and see if I get in” holding no expectations. Jamie, Tileyard Education’s Admissions Manager, helped to make the process as quick and smooth as possible and Daniel has been studying at Tileyard since October 2019.

Since studying with Tileyard, Daniel has performed at a sold-out showcase in collaboration with the renowned New York University, as well as to a private showcase of curated industry, and has most recently, arrived back in London after being on tour with Sigala.

Daniel went on the road for 14 days with the full Sigala crew, after they reached out to Tileyard Education in search of a singer and performer who could be part of the live performance. Daniel was put forward by the team and, within 24 hours, had submitted a video of him singing “Give Me Your Love” by Sigala featuring John Newman, and was invited to go on tour. Daniel had 3 days to learn 4 Sigala songs and one week of rehearsal with the full team. The next 2 weeks after that, Daniel was performing on stage with Sigala, all over the UK.

He said:

“The gigs were like massive parties.”

We asked him what were his highlights of the tour, he said:

“The best bit was seeing the look on the faces of everyone in the audience and seeing their enjoyment. People were having a good time, and that made me feel good, the energy was insane.”

He added:

“The Sigala team were amazing, and that made the experience even better.”

We asked Daniel what his experience of Tileyard has been like so far:

“Tileyard has made a big impact on my life in the short time I have been there, it is a creative hub, so you can work with everyone, being able to work with creative people on the songwriting course, and to be able to perform at events like the Vinyl Scratch and MA showcases has been amazing.”

He added:

“Tileyard is changing my life.”

Daniel is now focusing on building his relationship with the Tileyard Music team, as he is being mentored by them. Arieleno, his artist project, will also be dropping an EP this year, so watch out for the first single.

You can follow Arieleno here.

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