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‘CTRL ALT DLT’ by Ree ft. Maki Flow

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Songwriting camps are the new industry standard for writing hits. They carve a statement into a musical masterpiece, in under a day.

As part of Tileyard Education’s postgraduate programmes, 3 songwriting camps are built into the academic year. This year, in Term 3, students of both the songwriting and the production masters programmes were sent to 3 Scandinavian locations: Malmo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, to work with international writers and producers. The camp was programmed in collaboration with Tileyard Music, Tileyard’s own music publishing and management company.

This year, representatives from Tileyard Music came along to oversee the camps and their operations. There was one track in particular that peaked attention during the camp at GL Music in Copenhagen. “CTRL ALT DELETE” was the brain-child of producer Ree. Ree began writing the song on the plane, on his way to the camp, and picked up again on a day in the studio with songwriter and artist Maki Flow and artist J Spliff. The brief on the day was from Sony Denmark and Ree shared his idea with his writing team on the day, they all liked the sound, so they spent the day bringing the track to life. 

Ree explained what inspired the song:

“The song is inspired by the concept of breaking up with a partner, and when things get too tough, time to ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’”

He added:

“CTRL ALT DELETE symbolises starting afresh”

The song was co-written with Maki Flow and J Spliff, with Maki Flow as featured vocalist. Within weeks of the song being sent off to Sony Sweden, the song was signed for a summer release and it droppedtoday! The track has a perfect feel-good summer vibe, with an infectious drop. Based on vintage chopped up samples, it is the perfect balance of modern and retro.

Everyone involved in the camp is delighted with the song’s success, Ree said:

“The camp was amazing, with great vibes, and many students including himself are planning on going back to GL Music to write more with some of the artists. The GL Music team were very confident, but also very encouraging with their feedback, and constructive with their criticism”

We also caught up with Maki, to ask how she found the camp:

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The guys were all super talented, the standard was high and it was just so beautiful to see the magic happen during every session and to be part of that. I’m so glad I happened to be in the same session with Amrit that day ’cause he is one of my best mates and we connect musically very well. That session was very fun as well”

J Spliff wrote:

“Working with Ree and Maki was a pleasure.. we hit the Vibe easy and finished the song fast cause the energy was right there”

The GL Music Team were delighted too, Soren Kalsboll wrote:

“It’s amazing to have followed the process of CTRL ALT DELETE demo to the final version. When we heard it at our GL/Tileyard camp it was clearly one of the songs who stood out the most and we’re thrilled to see that this is being released”

Check out CTRL ALT DELETE, available on all streaming platforms. You can listen to the song here.

Photo credit: Callum Watts @calwattsie

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