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Catch Up with Desiree

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Desiree has been making her mark in branding and marketing for some time, as a strategist for Chinelo Communications, she has worked for high-profile clients such as Shell and Wool and the Gang.

Achieving great success in her field, Desiree decided she wanted to follow her real passion, music, and apply her expertise to the industry she loves. It all came into fruition for Desiree when she first heard about Tileyard Education from mentor Remi Harris (Young Guns), who used to run events at Tileyard London, back in 2014.

After attending an open evening back in 2017, Desiree felt that Tileyard Education was something more than just academia, it was a home within the music industry that provided unique access to the professional world that no other university could offer, so she decided to apply.

During her masters, Desiree established a close connection with Karen Emmanuel, the CEO of Key Production, who awarded Desiree with a bursary of £2,500 at the beginning of the year.

“Karen was a fantastic mentor, selfless and forever giving. She really champions you, she’s your biggest cheerleader and we became really good friends”.

She told us that some lectures have left her wanting more, which was great because she had access with those people on-site and that gave her the perfect excuse to engage with them and build networks and carry on relationships beyond the course.

Desiree triumph’s Tileyard Education’s locations being important to her development, stating she would:

“Eat it, think it and sleep it”

She said being at Tileyard helped her to develop new skills, like critical analysis and long-form writing which she now applies in her day-to-day career. She also said studying her masters was a great confidence-building tool, as well as setting her up for the next adventure in her career.

Excitingly, Desiree is now working freelance for Michael Harwood and Charlie Arme at Tileyard Music, after hearing at her graduation that one of them was asking about her work. She decided to send an email over to them asking for some career advice, and they scheduled a meeting to discuss a freelancer position.

Since April, Desiree has been advising the team on marketing, social media, supporting releases and artist branding ideas. As well as this, Desiree has many other exciting projects coming forth over the upcoming months and years, that we cannot wait to see Desiree make her mark on the industry, with her passion, drive, and extensive background, we know she’s a rising star, so watch this space!

Desiree offered some words for anyone looking to get into the music industry, she said:

“Even if you think you can’t do it, believe that you can and find a way to find someone that champions your cause, who is well respected and well connected that can open doors for you. Always be seen and engage in as many social events as possible”

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