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Catch Up With Callum

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We caught up with MA Music Business student Callum Watts.

Callum defines himself as a music entrepreneur and is a fine example of how to make studying a masters in London’s largest creative community work to his own advantage. In seeking opportunities, Callum has become the first ever producer for the newly launched music industry podcast “At The Yard” (in partnership with Music Jobs), he is the Director of Blackjack Group, has recently become a booking agent to emerging talent he has met at Tileyard, and is now setting up his own publishing company, and that’s not even all of it.

Callum first heard of Tileyard when he was studying his BA in Music Business at Leeds College Of Music. He went along to a talk featuring Tileyard Music partner Charlie Arme. Callum approached Charlie after the talk, expressing that he was looking for where to go next once completing his undergraduate degree, and Charlie told Callum about Tileyard Education and the exciting prospects of Tileyard London. Within months, Callum’s application had been approved and he was ready to start the next phase of his music education.

Alongside supporting the At The Yard team, Callum launched a series of events at Tileyard, called “Chords For A Cause”, to offer a platform to emerging artists, but to also support local music charities. He is continuing to nurture his existing business and finding clients through the rich networks embedded within such a large creative community. He is also currently talking to another student about the potential to partner on a music networking and connectivity startup.

We asked Callum what his experience has been at Tileyard so far:

“Tileyard is the place to be”

“It has also been an intense place for me due to the amount of stuff I take on, but I like keeping busy or I get bored”

He added:

“The people are great, the rewards are greater”

Callum is also currently being mentored by Charlie Arme, who he says he has a great synergy with, who has been offering him on-hand support with his projects.

We also asked Callum what the goal is after Tileyard Education. He said;

“The aim is to not have to work on anything that I don’t want to work on; if I can make money on building the podcast, publishing, management and booking, I’m happy. I define myself as a music & entertainment entrepreneur”

Finally, we asked Callum if he has any advice for any students considering Tileyard for a Masters;

“You only learn so much from lectures, you learn more by getting in involved with the wider Tileyard community and looking for the opportunities.”

He concluded with:

“Dive in or don’t come!”

Some fantastic advice from a student who has some very exciting prospects looming. We’re looking forward to catching up with Callum soon to see how all of his exciting projects take shape!

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