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At The Yard Season 3 Episode 3: Terry ‘Turbo’ Stone

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In the latest episode, Lucy and Matt welcome legendary club promoter Terry ‘Turbo’ Stone to Tileyard London to discuss his brand new documentary “United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass”.

Terry was a rave promoter and the founder of One Nation, Garage Nation, and Rave Nation in the 90’s and 00s, changing the face of clubland.

His insightful, hilarious and entertaining film features interviews with Andy C, SASASAS, DJ Hype, Adam F, Sigma, Grooverider, Fabio, DJ Fresh, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Brockie, Top Buzz, MC Skibadee, MC Shabba Dan, MC GQ, DJ Rap, Mampi Swift, MC Fatman D, MC Flux, Ray Keith, Simon Bassline Smith plus many more, and is available to own or rent on Amazon Prime! www.amazon.co.uk/United-Nation-Th…um/dp/B084JBLWDJ

Producer: Callum Watts
Photographer: Maria Rojas Gomez
Technical Support: Alex Hollingsworth, Justin Garty, Stefan Gramunt
Composer: www.instagram.com/blksmithmusic/

Full Episode here.

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