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At The Yard Season 2: Episode 3 with Karen Emanuel

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In the latest episode of At The Yard, hosts Lucy Macieira and Matt Williams, sit down with the CEO of Key Production Group and award-winning entrepreneur Karen Emanuel.

Karen started working at Rough Trade Distribution in 1988 as a receptionist before working her way up to the role of Production Manager. In 1990 she set up Key Production in the back office of Jungle Records with just a telephone and typewriter and went on to create an industry-leading company, providing vinyl pressing, CD manufacturing, DVD replication and bespoke packaging.

In 2011, Key Production acquired packaging specialist Think Tank Media expanding their expertise and enabling the delivery of an even wider array of bespoke products and tailored project management services. In 2016 the purchase of Modo Design and Production allowed them to offer inhouse CAD design presentations and templates for bespoke printing on any substrate.

In the episode, Karen discusses her career, offers her insight on how to drive a successful business and how she is passionate about mentoring young women in the industry.

Listen to the episode here.

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