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Aston Microphones Award Chiara Oldano with Aston Bursary

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We are delighted to announce that this year, Aston Microphones have chosen to support two students with equipment bursaries! 

Aston Microphones and the best in the business, which is why we use them at Tileyard Education. They are designed by British engineers, the sound developed by the best ears in the business, and then made in the UK, a pretty cool combination.

We have been in talks with the Aston team to assist with the support of one of our students, but they were so impressed with some of the talent, they chose to support two. 

Chiara Oldano, artist, student with a powerhouse of a voice, was one of the students they have chosen to support. The Aston team have sent both awardees their very own microphone and halo, and will be featuring them on the emerging artist pages of their website.

We caught up with both winners seperately, to find out a little more about them, and why the opportunity to work with Aston has been so important for their creative development.

Firstly, congratulations! How did you feel when you found out Aston mics wanted to work with you?

I couldn’t believe it, I am so grateful to Aston Microphones! I have been recording my vocals with Aston microphones for the past 6 months at Tileyard and I am really excited for the opportunity to work with such a great company that has a strong passion for sound and music. I have also started using their brand new Aston Stealth microphone and it works miracles! I have been extremely lucky to receive this bursary from Aston Microphones and I am very much looking forward to working with them and creating a strong creative and durable relationship. 

Tell us a little more about how you got into music?

Although my mother says I started humming songs before I could speak, it was at the age of 5 that I first became interested in playing the violin and singing when I was living in Belgium. After Bruxelles, I moved to Italy and I spent my childhood singing in a choir named “Piccoli Cantori di Torino” and was placed as a mezzo soprano by the director and the vocal coach from the Scala di Milano. I developed my musical ear and sight reading whilst working on my vocal range and composing my first songs with the piano. Discovering songwriting was a fulfilling experience, it gave me the opportunity to translate my feelings and states of mind and transform them into something more tangible, into chords, melody and words.

Define yourself, your style, tell us a little about you as an artist

Since a very early age, I have been immersed in 60s and 80s music, including artists from Aretha Franklin to Tina Turner and Céline Dion. The music, the artists and the style of these eras has always been an inspiration to me, and when I am composing I try to create a sound that recalls the 60s and 80s while maintaining a contemporary feel. I really like blending soulful vocals and gospel choirs to pop melodies with storytelling lyrics.

What are you goals/aspirations for your music?

I tend to be a very emotional and passionate person (I am Italian after all!). I believe life is full of emotional challenges, but we live in a society that doesn’t really educate us about emotions, instead we are pushed to learn socially acceptable ways of dealing with feelings. But in music there is no rule on what we should or should not write or sing or compose, through music everything seems more possible and limitless. And when I get to share my stories and feelings on stage, that is when all the fear goes away and I find it’s where I am truly myself. With my music, I hope I can inspire other people to follow their heart and not be afraid to share their emotions. At this stage where am at, my aspiration is to surround myself with a management team and producers that believe in my music and my artist project. I have also been spending a lot of time in the studio for the past 6 months and I want to start performing again and showcasing my original material. 

What can we expect over the next 12 months? 

Alongside my personal project, I am collaborating with different DJs/Producers at the moment on House/Dance/Disco tracks which I cannot wait to share! I really enjoy top-lining for club music and I am very attracted to pursue a career in this field. I would also say to except more live performances and a brand new single!

Tell us a little about your time at Tileyard so far?

Tileyard has been amazing so far, I learned a lot from my tutors, my mentors, and of course, from the other students! I am surrounded by talent which creates a very inspiring environment. It is such a great place to network, connect, and collaborate with a diverse roster of artists and producers.

We will be updating more on Chiara as her music career begins to flourish, and her working relationship with Aston later in the year.

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