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Aston Microphones Award Rebecca Lauren With Bursary

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We’re delighted to announce that artist and singer-songwriter Rebecca Lauren is the second awardee to Aston Microphone’s 2020 bursary.

Those of you that know Tileyard Education will know we are advocates for the best. Aston Microphones have built a solidified their name in the industry for their technical excellence, with artists such as ‘George The Poet’, Wes Borland and Mikey Demus all plugging into them as their number one studio microphone.

Rebecca Lauren’s award is well deserved. She wowed the Aston team with her beautiful vocal and lyric writing and her performance at a Tileyard showcase earlier in the year, that solidified her as a winner. With her raw and honest lyrical poetry, Rebecca is a stand-out songwriter, with some exciting prospects ahead.

Aston have awarded Rebecca with a mic of her choice, a HALO and will be supporting her on their emerging artist page and offering more shared support and marketing opportunities to raise her profile. 

We caught up with Rebecca to find out more about her as an artist, and about the award.

Firstly, congratulations! How did you feel when you found out Aston mics wanted to work with you?

It’s amazing to have the belief and backing from such a prestigious company to help me on my journey ahead, plus I have never won a thing in my bloody life so to say I have won one of the best mics around is pretty good. I cannot wait to start using it!

Tell us a little more about how you got into music?

My journey into music first began with me writing poetry and then experimenting with creating music with a guitarist I knew, which led into creating an EP. It was the cliché light bulb effect where I just knew I was meant to make music!

Define yourself, your style, tell us a little about you as an artist

These are questions I find quite hard to answer, as the music industry itself can sometimes be about fitting in and being ‘cool’, in reality, I just want to be able to write meaningful songs and sing about stuff that has affected me and my life in some-way or the other (mainly about idiot boys) and hopefully relate to that one person out there.

What are you goals/aspirations for your music?

Ideally, it would be for my music to be heard around the world and get that number one record but realistically if my lyrics or songs can help or relate to one person then I’m happy. I also want my music to stand up for female empowerment, identity and prove that you don’t need to fit in to be noticed!

What can we expect over the next 12 months? 

My main focus for the next year is to write, collaborate and create some songs that I can be confident enough to want to release into the big wide world sometime soon. Also I am hopeful to do a lot more live gigs as it would be great to sing to people other than my parents and Gran (who are my biggest/best fans).

Tell us a little about your time at Tileyard so far?

Tileyard literally has been amazing! To be able to meet, listen and work with people that have made such an impact in the industry with their careers has been so cool to say the least. It has truly given me the confidence, work ethics and enlightenment to stay true to myself! Meeting some friends for life has been a bonus too!

We are looking forward to keeping up to date with Rebecca’s music, and the exciting projects ahead.

Follow Rebecca’s music page here.

Follow Aston Microphones here.

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