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Adam Wedd, 30 Days, 15 Shows and the USA

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Adam Wedd, is a singer-songwriter from South London and part of Tileyard’s gleaming alumni. Adam is best known for his powerful melodic-folk fused with catchy pop hooks. His live performances are something to be adored and, being proactive on the live DIY circuit, Adam is no stranger to hard work.

He has an illustrious background as an artist. In 2013, Adam’s music was picked up by BBC6’s Tom Robinson as part of his New Music Mixtape, along with live sessions on Phoenix FM, Cardiff FM, Premier Radio, Coventry FM and BBC Kent & Dorset.

Most recently, Adam recorded a Spotify Secret Genius Session, has been featured on BBC Introducing, has made it to #2 in student radio charts, played a 24-day University tour with the Coffee House Sessions, and has been played across 60 UK and European radio stations.

He has, in fact, acquired a reputation for being the man that’s always on the move. However, most recently, he was fortunate enough to have the adventure of a lifetime. After completing his Masters in Commercial Songwriting & Production, Adam booked a DIY show out in Manhattan, New York. Adam made the decision to spend 30 days in the United States, and trust his community and fans to help him seek exciting opportunities through the connectivity of social media. He told us, his goal has been to:

“Make this year the best year of my life”

So, he booked for a 30-day return and made way for the USA, to see what he could cultivate and who he could connect with.

After playing his first gig in NY, Adam’s travels then took him to Boston, where he played a Hilton Hotel to an audience of 80 and where Sofar Sounds picked him up, and started booking him across different US cities, including Washington, Chicago and Austin.

By the time Adam made it to Nashville, he met with Leo Abraham, another of Tileyard’s alumni, where they both played to the oldest open mic night in Nashville and also performed together in another show.

Most excitingly, Principal of Tileyard Education, Martyn Ware (Heaven 17, The Human League), set Adam up with a meeting with artist manager, Super Frank. Super Frank is best known for managing the artist James Brown, so Adam wasn’t sure what to expect from the meeting. At the meeting, Super Frank asked Adam what he was looking for in a manager, and Adam explained his 12-month goals and targets and, without fuss, a 6-month contract was drawn up and signed. Super Frank also came along to one of his shows, as did hit songwriter, Wayne Cohen. Adam said;

“It really was unbelievable, it’s hard to put into words, but I’m so excited for things to come!”

Adam finished his tour in Brooklyn, where his round-trip of the USA came to a climactic end. Adam plans to return to the USA for a live recording session with US station PBS as well as, we’re sure, many other exciting adventures.

You can keep up with Adam’s moves and gigs on his Instagram here.

Check out Adam’s latest single ‘Ghosts’ here.

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