Last Tuesday night, Tileyard Education launched with Round Two of the highly-acclaimed open mic night, the Vinyl Scratch. The winner of the long-anticipated event was Vincent Bugozi, with his African-jazz 7 piece ensemble, SEBA. Vincent is a second year ICMP student, and an aspiring singer. He is also an ICMP student ambassador, and we can see why! There was no contest on the night for Drag Queen hosts Bourgeoisie and ShayShay. They were ‘mesmerised‘ by SEBA’S infectious energy. There wasn’t a still movement in the house as they took the stage. In fact, they were so good, the crowd asked for 2 encores! What a great way to launch Season Two!



This is Vincent’s second time performing at Vinyl Scratch and he has a blast every time. You can find Vincent at @vincentbugozi and on Facebook as Vincent Bugozi. Congratulations to our special Vinyl Scratch winner!

Vincent also won a fabulous Aston Origin microphone, a top prize donated by our wonderful sponsors at Kazbar Systems!

Come and join us on Tuesday 6th November for a very special Queen Edition Vinyl Scratch featuring Peter Hince, Freddie Mercury’s 11-year roadie as we talk about Freddie’s life.

More on Round Two HERE.