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Zohe Mustafa

Zohe Mustafa is the CEO of Growth Hakka which is a Growth Hacking agency in London.

What is Growth Hacking? The term originated in Silicon Valley and in its essence it’s the idea that an entrepreneur or organisation can take a non-traditional approach to increasing the growth rate/adoption of their product/service/brand by “hacking” something together specifically for growth purposes.

It’s more about achieving an objective rather than following a prescribed process. It’s about the intersection between Marketing, Product, Technology, Data and even HR, Finance and other departments.

It’s about rapid exponential and viral growth.

It’s about testing and learning i.e. Hypothesis-Experiment-Learn-Implement and then repeating over and over.

That is, hard-core data analysis of user experience and conversion and reacting to insights to optimise growth.

In the case of the music business, this would mean applying growth hacking methodology to drive more song downloads or acquire new fans or drive views of your latest video for example.