Pedro Caxade

Pedro Caxade

MA Commercial Songwriting and Production

Pedro Caxade is a vocal coach and songwriting teacher with more than 10 years experience in Italy, Spain, USA and UK specialising in transferring voices within different stage styles across musicals, pop, rock, dance and classical. Pedro has coached artists in the studio with producers Luis Junior, Steve Williams, John Robertson, Steve Honest and Robert Katz at Metropolis Studios and Abbey Road. Coached singers like Join Tsai or Rennee Brennan from Tadpole. He has been MD for Bellas Artes Theatre (Madrid) and Amnesia (Ibiza).

With a BA in Musical Theatre by the Royal Academy of Drama in Spain and Diploma in Classical and Modern Singing by the ABRSM, he has also developed s great interest in SLS and studied in LA at Brett Manning’s Academy.

As a performer his works show a great versatility in musical theatre, music and acting: leading roles in Classical Operas and Musicals touring Italy, France and Spain with Triton Productions or Mas Alla del Escenario Ltd, under the direction of Antonio Fava. He has also released hus own his own material, getting great engagement on social media.Pedro Caxade also works actively as an actor for Theatre, series and films, such as Peacky Blinders or the last Warner film directed by Guy Ritchie. His music  and performance abilities, due to his varied experience, allow him to see what an artsist needs and he is able to help develop any of an artist strengths in any direction needed.