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John Zozzaro

John Zozzaro has been playing music professionally for over 13 years, owning and operating 2 marketing agencies & helping found 2 other media/music innovation organizations, John has been helping lead the charge in creating opportunity and providing access for media tech entrepreneurs.

After many years of performing live and sharing a stage with acts such as Blues Traveler, Blind Melon, Delta Spirit, Counting Crows, Dawes, etc, John set his sights on marketing and started a B2C agency focused on providing P&D organisations access to big box retail environments. After building a successful agency, John moved to Austin, TX diving headfirst into the media tech industry.

Now the director of MediaTech Ventures, founder of Aim & Amplify, and founder of the Entertainment Garage, John is focused on demystifying angel and VC funding for Media Tech innovators; while developing educational platforms and incubators to help facilitate these initiatives.

With no signs of slowing down, John now travels to different countries, trying to find ways to create a more transparent and accessible media ecosystem. He is considered one of Austin’s most forward thinkers and innovators.