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Harry Leckstein

Harry Leckstein is the Managing Director of Tileyard Education and a creative industry executive, digital music business pioneer and project director with 30 years experience in the music, television, social enterprise and higher education sectors.

He joined Eunite in 1999 where he built the first internet radio stations and streaming media applications in the UK and, following the successful sale of the company, founded the youth music social enterprise Urban Collective in 2004 which ran in five cities across the UK for eight years and was twice nominated for Best Social Enterprise by Edge Upstart Awards for projects including “Inferno-A Hipopera” which won Best Narrative Short, Chicago International Hip Hop Film Festival and a Community Channel Best Programming award.

Harry has also worked with Pink Punk, One Minute Silence, Circus Normal, Luminous Frenzy and is currently working with Jon Kelly on the debut album from Pearl Fish.

Harry holds an MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Imperial College London and is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.