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Elle Halley

Elle Halley defies any sort of stereotype. She started working for New Solutions before going on to study Event Design at Central Saint Martins but the bright lights of Soho soon lured her into the world of fashion, music and events.

Elle has a passion for photography, as by her own admission, she’s useless with paint or pencil, so photography became her creative medium. Her personal work is often playfully subversive and contentious but professionally she has a unique ability to create exceptional brand stories through her images and often maverick marketing tactics, whether in the commercial, music or artistic sectors.

She says: “I try and keep ego out of my work, it creates a much greater sense of relatability. To me it’s about delivering the best marketing angle for my clients, whichever sector they are in”.

Widely published across all mediums,  with recent clients ranging from Miguel Kertsman and The London Philharmonic to Runway Magazine Paris, Elle also lectures globally on her methods, specialising in Music industry Artist Development and Creative Direction.

Elle also has some dubious accolades that sum up her unique diversity and personal brand of eccentricity, notably: playing the violin for the Queens 60th gala celebration, creating Jamiroquai’s first fur hat, hosting a birthday party for Robbie Williams that he refused to attend and giving the boiler suit a fashion moment.

“Elle is a unique and creative individual. Her alt-world view of culture and sensuality is both provocative and sensitive. Her photography manages to capture both the spontaneity and the depth of human frailty. She is an incisive and sympathetic voyeur who is both fearless and commanding in her desire to portray her chosen themes and fascinations”. Dr Gary Pritchard, Dean of Media, Ravensbourne

“Subversive captivating and unique, I love Elle’s style and camerawork” Dan Edwards, Series Producer and Director

“She’s the best of the best, and I’ve worked with some of the top photographers in the world, what she can do with a camera is pure magic”. Patrick Cordier Rettig, Senior Supermodel

“Borderline bonkers and brilliant in equal measure – She’s the last photographer I would get naked for, but I always get naked for Elle. Her powerful concepts created an album cover that made my career in Hollywood and Shanghai” Frederick Snow, Musical Reprobate