• Tileyard Education announces a strategic partnership with the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David who’s campuses span Swansea, Carmarthen, Lampeter and London.

    University of Wales: Trinity Saint David has a London Campus based in Kennington, Oval, where it houses all of its business MBA’s. Our business and production students get full access to the range of additional facilities this campus has to offer.

    UWTSD have now fully validated two of Tileyard Education’s Masters programmes, MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship and MA Commercial Music Producer.

    Harry Leckstein, Managing Director, Tileyard Education, said

    “University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a new powerhouse of industry-centric creative entrepreneurship and as such, there is a deep sense of shared vision and passion with Tileyard to drive forward the interconnectivity between higher education, creative industry and new technology. This first MA programme is ideally suited to aspiring creative entrepreneurs keen to harness the largest professional music community in Europe.”

    Tileyard Education is looking forward to continuing to build and strengthen their relationship with UWTSD.



    Tileyard Education have partnered with Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, now part of Nottingham Trent University, to develop a suite of validated one-year, full-time MA programmes, delivered on-site at the Tileyard Education Centre in London.

    Harry Leckstein, Managing Director, Tileyard Education, said “Tileyard has a long-standing friendship with Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies and this partnership is now extended to the world-leading team at Nottingham Trent University. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to the first intake in October on our debut MA Commercial Songwriting and Production.”

    Confetti ICT is a forward-thinking, innovative education provider. The first specialist establishment of its kind in the region, it began life as a small facility offering courses to those wanting to forge careers in the music business as producers, sound engineers and technicians. It is now a leading educational establishment, home to 1300 further and higher education students, at the very start of their careers in the highly competitive fields of games, TV, film, music, events and radio.

    In July 2015, Nottingham Trent University became the parent company of the Confetti Media Group – a group of creative businesses including the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. The backing and support of a well-respected and creative University like NTU is a hugely positive step into its bright future.



    Tileyard Education, the new postgraduate and professional training venture based at Tileyard Studios, has formed a strategic partnership with virtual music school MusicGurus to create and deliver a suite of online courses delivered by professional producers, songwriters and music business executives.

    The partnership launches with several online courses across a range of subjects including Goetz Botzenhardt on Mixing (Faithless, Sugababes, War and Peace), Nikolaj Bjerre of Recording and Mixing Drums (Lamb, Ella Eyre, Heather Nova), Gearbox Records on Mastering and Vinyl Cutting, Jay Mistry on Synchronization and Copyright and Notting Hill Music on Creative Music Publishing.

    MusicGurus CEO & Co-founder Tom Rogers, said “MusicGurus is delighted to be partnering with Tileyard Education on the creation and delivery of a unique series of online courses from creative and industry professionals based at Tileyard Studios. It’s often difficult to get regular tuition access to the bigger names in the industry but these courses, filmed on location offer aspiring professionals a window inside the minds of some of the most sought-after music producers, writers, artists and executives around – it’s gold dust for people trying to make it in the industry”.

    Harry Leckstein, Managing Director, Tileyard Education, said “this is a very exciting and fast-moving area of the education industry where content is truly king and that’s what gives us a fantastic edge at Tileyard with access to over 1000 independent creative professionals on site. In a single day, we can film hours of in-depth, mixed media content that students can return to time and again online, providing a unique opportunity to get inside the minds and studios of some of the very best in the business. We look forward to growing the resource year on year with MusicGurus and hope these courses provide a rich legacy for the next generation of artists, producers and entrepreneurs.”


    Tileyard Education is delighted to announce its first education partnership with The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). Established 30 years ago, the ICMP has been developing and delivering cutting-edge, industry-relevant courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school. The ICMP final year students will develop their major creative projects onsite at our new education facility.

    Harry Leckstein, Managing Director, Tileyard Education, said: ‘Tileyard Studios, and our new company Tileyard Education, are committed to developing the highest quality music and creative industry training, harnessing our unique professional skills, community and networks. We are delighted to welcome the ICMP to Tileyard, marking the first of several major new education partnerships and programmes to be announced.’Paul Kirkham, Chief Executive at ICMP, said: ‘We are really excited to announce this partnership with Tileyard Studios. It will provide ICMP with access to fantastic new education facilities at Tileyard Studios for teaching and learning, as well as establishing our provision at the heart of the global music industry.’


    Tileyard Education have partnered with PSI Audio to provide our students with the very best in near-field monitoring in our production writing rooms and our recording studio control room.

    The story of PSI Audio started in 1975 when Alain Roux started producing his first speakers while studying at EPFL in Lausanne. Two years later Alain started making a profit selling his speakers and decided to found a company called Roux Electroacoustique. In 1988 the company became a Limited Company and was renamed Relec SA. At this time Alain also relocated the company into a new purpose-built facility in Yverdon-Les-Bains.

    Over the years, Alain and his team developed a huge variety of speakers starting from the Hi-Fi industry, Public Address systems all the way to Professional Studio applications. Many speakers were also produced as OEM products under the brand names of respected international companies. Several of these products have gone on to win the industry’s most desirable awards.

    PSI Audio has developed to become a respected worldwide brand, producing the ultimate professional studio monitors. PSI Audio now offers a full range of highly innovative speakers with cutting-edge fully analogue technology.


    Tileyard Education are honoured to partner with Marshall and Marshall Records, based at Tileyard, to provide our creative and business students with very best in vintage and contemporary amplification.

    An unquestionable legacy, the Marshall story has grown from the humble west London high street into the most iconic music brand of all time.

    On Thursday, July 7th, 1962, Jim Marshall and Son music shop opened its doors at 76 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, London. Opened by Jim’s old drum teacher, Max Abrams, the shop sold a variety of musical instruments, from brass and woodwind to Jim’s favourite – drums.

    It was here where Jim met many guitarists, like Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore, who persuaded him to stock guitars and amplifiers in his shop. And it was through talking with this new breed of rock ‘n’ roll guitarist that Jim realised they couldn’t find the sound they were looking for. So Jim decided to give them what they wanted, and with his small team began to produce Marshall amplifiers.


    Tileyard Education are delighted to partner with Spitfire Audio to offer students access to the incredible range of virtual instruments in the world. In addition, Spitfire have joined our Bursary Scheme to offer one MA student annually a significant contribution to their study fees.

    Spitfire produces the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world. It is a beacon of quality not just for its own productions but the endorsements it offers to third-party sample developers and fellow sound smiths it goes into production partnerships with. At the heart of Spitfire’s evolution is the greatest recorded selection of orchestral samples on the planet thus far, alongside a recent expansion in scope to cover all areas of the music spectrum.

    Spitfire was set up by a British group of composers, sound smiths, producers, engineers and technologists wanting to revolutionise sampling and bring it back to the centre of the music industry. Like any new music technology from radio to synthesisers, sampling was perceived as a threat to music making and music makers. Spitfire is at the vanguard of changing that opinion – Spitfire’s main goal is to promote British music making the world over whilst (via an ever-growing distribution chain) distributing royalties to its contributors (musicians, engineers, technicians, artists and producers) based on sales.


    Key Production have joined our Bursary Scheme to offer one MA student annually a significant contribution to their study fees.

    Mastering your craft takes time. Founded in 1990, Key Production have been perfecting vinyl pressing, CD manufacturing, DVD replication and special packaging through peerless project management to consistently deliver, within budget and to a deadline, beautifully realised product for the music and media industries.

    Fiercely independent, Key answer to their clients only – a standpoint nurtured and cherished since their founding, and considered a core asset of the company.

    Over many years the relationships Key’s experienced staff has developed with trusted suppliers, both in the UK and worldwide, have allowed them to negotiate, establish, monitor and maintain the best available quality, value and service for our clients.

    In 2011 a merger with luxury packaging specialist Think Tank Media expanded expertise, enabling delivery of an even wider array of bespoke products and tailored project management services.


    Tileyard Education are honoured to partner with Devialet, based at Tileyard, to provide our creative and business students with the very best in innovative sound technology.

    Devialet is a French company founded in 2007 which quickly became the world leader in high-end amplifiers and the most awarded start-up in Audio history.

    In 2015 Devialet launched the Phantom, the best-connected speaker on the market, recognized by industry specialists as a breakthrough in audio technology.

    From the ground-breaking design of Experts and Phantom to the artistic ballet of Devialet’s robotized production line, they see art as a meaningful contribution to technology. Along with their exceptional products, Devialet also designs disruptive audio listening experiences across the world.

    Devialet’s mission is to express emotion the way the artist had intended.


    Focusrite is a global music and audio products group supplying hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians, which enables the high-quality production of music.

    The Focusrite Group has two established and rapidly growing brands; Focusrite and Novation. The Focusrite brand makes audio interfaces and other products for audio recording musicians. The Novation brand allows its customers to make electronic music using synthesisers and computer-enabled technology. Each brand has over 20 years of quality sound heritage and is well established in the music making industry.

    The Focusrite Group has a global customer base with a distribution network covering approximately 160 territories. Focusrite is headquartered in High Wycombe, United Kingdom with a marketing subsidiary in Los Angeles, United States.


    Founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio has been synonymous with innovative recording products since its inception. A favourite engineer of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles and more, the late Bill Putnam Sr. was a passionate innovator who is widely regarded as the father of modern recording — with many of his legendary studio and equipment designs still in use today.

    Specifically, Putnam was the inventor of the modern recording console, the multi-band audio equalizer, and the vocal booth, and he was the first engineer to use artificial reverberation in commercial recording. Alongside his friend Les Paul, Putnam was also involved in the early development of stereophonic recording.

    Putnam, a natural entrepreneur, started three audio product companies during his long career: Universal Audio, Studio Electronics, and UREI. All three companies built equipment that remains widely used decades after their introduction, including the ubiquitous LA-2A and 1176 compressors, and the 610 tube recording console. The 610 console in particular stands as one of the most beloved designs in audio history, used to record everyone from Sinatra to the Beach Boys to Van Halen’s eponymous debut.


    EPA are passionate about playing multiple harmonics of instruments and maintaining their timbre.

    The company’s full name (Esoteric Pro Audio) summarises the aim and the ambition of all the people working in it, hence the project of taking to a professional high-level the experience of the world of home audio systems to have a real live sensation.

    The EPA concept is to use small parts, therefore with very light moving mass, in order to have a very high damping factor (less weight has less inertia) and then to play as much as possible the harmonics of the instruments and maintain their timbre. To arrive at these objectives it is essential to have a very fast, dynamic, and transparent sound.

    The goal is to have all the tools well separated from each other, so that they can focus individually, even in situations of full orchestra. EPA Sound are dedicated to real sound for music lovers, and guarantee that every listening experience will be a unique experience.


    As one of the leading retailers of Professional Audio Recording Equipment in the UK, Kazbar Systems supplied Abbey Road Studios, the most legendary and world-class studio in London, with two pairs of Focal SM9 Active Monitor Speakers in 2016.

    They provide top-quality studio equipment to many recognisable and sought-after studios, for example, Notting Hill Music, who organises the worldʼs biggest music networking event every month at Tileyard Studios.

    Kazbar Systems have partnered with Tileyard Education to provide us with quality sound, every Tuesday for our live open mic sessions for our MA students, and the wider community.


    Tileyard Education is delighted to partner with Autonomy Music on a mentorship scheme with one postgraduate student which runs across the full postgraduate academic year.

    Autonomy Music Group provides a tailor-made service to each client, whether label, artist, manager, or music-related brand. Some call this a ‘virtual label service’, or ‘product management’. But Autonomy see themselves as an Artist Development and Campaign Management company. They look after every aspect of a project from A&R, recording to distribution.

    They recognise that every project is unique and requires special attention. They combine years of relevant experience at the centre of some of the music industry’s biggest labels to create campaigns tailored to your requirements. They are all music lovers who are not afraid of telling it like it is to get the very best out of our projects and clients. Successful campaigns depend on many factors. They plan for success.


    Urban Development works closely with Tileyard Education for collaborative industry events, and using our facilities for the delivery of some of the programmes.

    Urban Development is a music development organisation, based in Kings Cross’ Tileyard Studios, Urban Development plays an integral role in the growth of urban music in the UK. Combining business acumen with an understanding of youth culture, we stand at the crossroads where the creativity of underground new music meets the music industry.

    The Urban Development Music Foundation, our charity arm, focuses on educational work. We lead with a hands on approach to opportunities and nurture young artists, as well as emerging professionals, to prepare for sustainable careers; in an industry where audiences have the appetite, and critical faculty, to appreciate the best that urban culture has to offer.


    Soundskool and Tileyard Education are delighted to announce their brand-new partnership. SoundSkool will be collaborating with Tileyard Education on future events and are using Tileyard Education’s facilities to deliver their music-industry programmes.

    Soundskool provides full time and fully funded courses for 16 to 18 year olds. They offer nationally recognised music qualifications (RSL), alongside the opportunity to complete Maths and English GCSEs and functional skills.

    Open to students who are interested in performance, production, and music business.

    SoundSkool also hold regular master classes with leading music artists, managers, video directors and other key professionals, covering all aspects of the music industry from creative talent to business knowledge.