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Yamaha Award HYPNOTYST With Bursary

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We are delighted to announce that HYPNOTYST (Brodie Gee) is the awardee of Yamaha’s first-ever Tileyard Education Bursary!

Tileyard Education has been in talks with Yamaha on ways to fuse Yamaha’s passion for music and nurturing talent with Tileyard Education’s values of supporting the next generation of creatives. Last year, Yamaha kindly committed to offering their first-ever bursary to one Tileyard Education student, as well as a runner-up bursary!

Yamaha based their decision upon an application submission of students’ music and a covering statement. Yamaha awarded HYPNOTYST with: HS7 Studio Monitors, Reface DX Synth, Reface CD Synth, HPH MT8 Headphones – such a generous prize! They will also be working with Brodie to assist him with developing his artist career and will be hosting him on a live showcase in Yamaha London, later in the year.

When you think of music creation, you think of Yamaha. Even if you aren’t a musician, you would be familiar with the name. Yamaha are responsible for making some of the best instruments in the world. Their history began when Yamaha’s founder, Torakusu Yamaha repaired a broken reed organ in 1887, and shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan.

Since then, Yamaha have expanded immensely and have continued to produce high-quality products by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced digital technology. The quality of sound produced by a Yamaha musical instrument reflects the long years of accumulated technical expertise and the skilled craftsmanship of the Company. 

Yamaha’s brand promise to “Make Waves‘ ‘ is prominent in every product they make. And their bursary winner, HYPNOTYST is making waves of his own, as a multi-talented artist, producer, songwriter and topliner. Following the bursary announcement, we caught up with HYPNOTYST, to find out a little more on his inspirations, and what we are to expect from him in the upcoming 12 months. 

Congrats Brodie! So tell us how you got into music?

I always enjoyed listening and singing music at such a young age that my parents sent me for lessons and it just exploded from there. Years of piano lessons with all the great classical masters inspired me to become professionally proficient in the piano. In my late teens, I discovered rock and grunge specifically, when I became absolutely obsessed with the genius songwriting of Nirvana, to name a few bands that ruled the charts in the 1990s. This is where I began my love for the guitar and creating music on this instrument, as a vehicle for my songwriting. Just before DAWs were standard, I started recording rudimentary ideas of our weird rock electro grunge songs on tape, at the time, and this leads to a lifelong obsession with music production which still carries on to this day.

Around 2005 I started listening to and being inspired by much more electronic music and spent the next 10 years worshipping at the altar of The Prodigy, who are my favourite electronic act of all time, and a massive influence on HYPNOTYST’s sound. This inspired me to become an electronic music addict and producer, seeing this as absolutely infinite in potential of sonics and emotional impact. I learned every synth I possibly could and mastered most software synths to incorporate into my productions. This, of course, leads to a lifelong addiction to music creation and sonic explorations within almost every genre and different style of music.

Define yourself, your style, tell us a little about you as an artist?

HYPNOTYST is an Irish electronic artist, songwriter and producer based in London. My style is commonly called “Astro Pop”, which I have fused together over many years of music creation and experimental exploration of sounds and frequencies. My style is mostly based in the synthesised sound spectrum, with elements of organic sounds and fusions of several genres and vibes. Over this time I have weaved almost every genre I know through my music and pushed the boundaries of fusions and sonic explorations, but in 2020 I am creating a deeper house-related electro sound, with a hypnotic edge. Combining rock, electro, and hip hop, into this Astro Pop sound: big bouncy bass lines to get the party started, with solid synthetic production to support the groove.

I compose my music to touch people and inspire them to dance and let go of anything creating an imbalance in their lives. I intend my music to be a sound healing experience when listened to. I have a very spiritual view of life, nature and the universe and use sound as a healing mechanism to uplift and inspire the people who listen, in addition to having them feel better. I have done quite a large amount of studies in shamanism and have learned the healing powers of music and wish to use this amazing property of artistic creation to heal my audience. I tune all of my songs to specific chakras so that particular part of the body and energy field are healed by listening to my songs. Indeed I chose my artist name HYPNOTYST as I consider myself a musical hypnotist, a healer of imbalances, who uses hypnotic suggestion to create the desired result of connection, empowerment and spiritual wholesomeness, through my music. UK Electro House artists like Gorgon City, Disclosure, Jax Jones to name a few, are a huge influence on my more current sound: huge bouncy melodic bass married with memorable hooks designed to be earworms, that last in your mind forever. I am always seeking to create ultra hooky music that will achieve this effect. I feel like I am on a quest to find the best hooks ever for my music to really touch the hearts and minds of my audience.

What are your goals/aspirations for your music?

My main goal and aspiration with my music are that people will feel uplifted when they hear it and that they will want to dance with joy. As I mentioned before I intend my music to be very healing so every song was composed with this concept in mind, but also at the same time with the ability to inspire balance and harmony within my listeners. One of my main goals is for my music to reach as wide an audience as possible and to be enjoyed by as many people as possible all over the globe, using the plan I have for the next 12 months.

What can we expect over the next 12 months?

I am planning a series of single releases over the next year, culminating in an album with all of these singles on them. I, of course, have a whole marketing plan to create as much content as possible to accompany my singles and drive as much new audience to my music and artistic vision as possible. I plan on tapping into the spiritual end of the music industry so that I am also creating healing music in the style of binaural beats alongside my usual Electro House style and vibe. Along with the singles and album releases, I am planning the biggest tour, I have taken to date, across the UK, Ireland and Europe, with possible Canadian dates, but these are yet to be confirmed. I love to play live, indeed many people say they see an exciting fired up version of HYPNOTYST on stage, who is normally calm and balanced off stage! I very much look forward to returning back to the stage and performing in as many places as possible, as I really feel at my best when on stage sharing my music with an audience, especially when they are dancing along!

I have been commissioned to compose several pieces in addition to my usual work to accompany podcasts, short films, and possible sync work, so that is an avenue I am exploring at the moment. Since I have been awarded this amazing Yamaha bursary, I am going to make a series of videos showing each product I was awarded and how they are employed in my music, songwriting and productions. I am going to showcase these videos through Youtube and Instagram TV, and am very excited to share this journey with my audience. One final point to note is that being part of Tileyard I have co-written a large number of tracks and several have been pitched to record and publishing companies, and they have also resulted in great collaborations with some excellent artists. So watch out for the release of these collaborations as well!

How has your time at Tileyard been like so far?

I am having a great time in Tileyard! I love being immersed in this amazing community that is Tileyard. Surrounded by music industry professionals daily, learning and being inspired to take my music, songwriting and production up to the next level. Coming to Tileyard was one of the best decisions I have made for my music career, by immersing myself in what I consider the best community for music and the music industry, literally on the face of the planet. There are so many companies, record labels, publishing outfits and product manufacturers within the music industry who are based at Tileyard, and it’s quite amazing opportunities to interact with them all and build relationships simply by being part of this community. One of the best things about studying at Tileyard is the exceptional studio facilities, which HYPNOTYST has grown accustomed to working in almost 7 days a week, the studio addiction is strong! I absolutely love to come into the studios every single day and create amazing music with all of my friends and collaborators within this community. I always look forward to my time creating music in the studios, and enjoy my daily routine of songwriting and producing at Tileyard.

How did you feel when you found out Yamaha wanted to work with you?

I was very excited to hear that Yamaha had chosen to award me the bursary and wanted to work with me. I have been a long-time user of Yamaha’s products and indeed have used many of their classic and more modern synths in my music production and songwriting. I have always taken a keen interest in their synthesisers, as they were such an important part of electronic music history. I am very pleased to report that part of my bursary was two great synthesisers, the Reface DX, and Reface CS, to add to my collection and inspire some new sonic possibilities within my electronic music palette. 

I look forward to performing live on the Yamaha stages around London and the rest of the UK. I intend to fully immerse myself in the Yamaha universe and create music with this amazing equipment and connecting with the Yamaha team on the synth front by designing presets and contributing to the fantastic online community around the globe that enjoys these Yamaha synths. Yamaha are one of the longest-running companies within the music industry and indeed I grew up playing on many of their exceptional pianos, especially during my Undergraduate Degree, so this opportunity is quite synchronistic in terms of my musical development as an artist. I have great anticipation of all of the work I am going to do with Yamaha over the coming year, and fully intend to make the most of this bursary and connection.

We are really excited to see more from HYPNOTYST and how his relationship develops with Yamaha! We will also be launching a Liv(ing) Room Session with Brodie very soon, so stay tuned for that! 

You can find out more and follow HYPNOTYST here.

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