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Who Are They: Lucy Ann Macieira

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Meet Lucy Ann Maciera, the driving force behind Tileyard Education’s Marketing & Events team.

At Tileyard, Lucy wears many hats – from marketing wizard, to events manager to education manager. She was here before our very own building was even built and she supervises all of the business operations with an unmatched passion and drive.

Lucy’s love for music, especially live music, started before she can even remember.

“By the age of 16, I’d collected over 60 ticket stubs and displayed them on my wall like a shrine… Haha. Going to gigs at iconic music venues such as the Astoria and the Mean Fiddler was my favourite past time, I’d be the last one standing at the end of the night, trying to convince the roadies to give me the leftover, battered drum sticks off the stage”, she tells us.

Although she never played any instrument, she has always seen music as an escape, as a mean to reach a deeper euphoria. Influenced by words, music and sounds, Lucy grew up to channel her creativity in different ways, studying fine arts and then delving into performative poetry towards the latter stage of her degree.

After graduating, she started working at the Southbank Centre, which contained 2 world-famous concert halls, the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall, where she re-discovered her love for music all over again.

But how did she end up in Tileyard?

Well, while on the look-out for new opportunities, Lucy realised that she wanted to work more with artists, helping them connect with the right people and the right places and organising events herself, it was then that a mutual friend introduced her to Harry (Tileyard Education’s Managing Director). Back then she didn’t even know that Tileyard existed or how important such a vast creative community could be, but she started as Harry’s first employee and helped him build Tileyard Education from the ground up.

When asked about what she likes about working at Tileyard, she said:

No 2 days are the same, no 2 projects are the same, no 2 students have the same path/journey and I thrive off of that. The day to day is busy, it involves a lot of planning, lots of creativity, lots of space to help mould and shape and develop great ideas, but also to work with and for amazing individuals. The students are amazing, as are the team that I work with, all bringing their own unique and creative flair to the business, it has been a real pleasure watching, and learning and seeing the team grow and develop […] And having seen this place grow block by block was an absolute honour”.

You can follow Lucy here.

If you are curious to know what she’s listening to, check out
MDNT – Kayne Loves Kanye, Kate Tempest – The Book Of Traps And Lessons, TYCHO – Awake.

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