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Who Are They: Jamie SEARLS

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Jamie (SEARLS) is a musical visionary. He is a talented artist, presenter, performer, singer-songwriter, a psychology graduate, he has been instrumental in the programming of Tileyard Education’s songwriting camps, the coordinator of the A&R Sessions on tour, and Tileyard Education’s Admissions Manager? Did we miss anything? Very possibly.

How can one person do so many things? At Tileyard Education, we pride ourselves on having a bold, dynamic, talented and creative team, and Jamie’s drive and entrepreneurial spirit is as impressive as his ability to conduct a crowd. Jamie has a passion for finding the best people for our courses and is passionate about helping those looking to launch or change careers.

Jamie, or SEARLS as you may know him, has been an integral part of the Tileyard Education team since the very beginning, joining the operations in 2017, Jamie helped to build, manifest and eventually run the admissions department. Jamie is a true example of how creativity can be applied in business, as well as many other areas of life.

Jamie isn’t necessarily the person you’d expect on the other end of a phone, when calling to make a course query, but his wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for music makes him a great ambassador for anyone asking questions about ‘how to get into the industry’.

Jamie moved to London from Ireland in 2009 to find his musical home, and he found it in London. Since moving here, he has been the leading man in a West End production, built a dedicated fanbase, been featured in Clash Magazine and Wonderland Magazine, sang backing vocals for Adele to a crowd of 100,000 people, set up tours UK & Internationally, and worked with Tileyard Music signed Producer Gil Lewis on his latest EP. You can find his latest release, SCAR here, and watch out for his next single ‘Imprisoned’ which will be dropping early summer. Jamie will also be announcing 2019 tour dates very soon!

Keep up to date with Jamie’s music and latest releases on his instagram page.

Contact Jamie for here if you have a question about our courses.

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