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Who Are They: Chloe RONA

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We caught up with Chloe, or RONA as you may know her, to discuss life after Tileyard Education.

Chloe has a background in commercial vocal performance and was part of the first-ever cohort of Tileyard Education’s MA Commercial Songwriting & Production graduates. She is an artist, singer, songwriter, engineer, visual visionary, marketer and Tileyard Education’s newest building supervisor.

Chloe has a multitude of talent and creative energy and is also a skilled music entrepreneur. She has immersed herself in a range of projects since graduating, from film and modelling to her own music.

Notably, one of the most exciting projects Chloe has been involved with is creating the sound design for DJ Target Grime Kids’ new documentary on Post Kulture which you can watch it here. Chloe worked closely with the director and Post Kulture was so pleased with the outcome, they are interested in working with Chloe some more. Chloe said:

“I wouldn’t have classed myself as a producer and wouldn’t have been able to have done a project like that without the MA module ‘Writing to commercial brief’ with Martyn Ware, I learnt so much”

Chloe has also been part of some music videos, including RAHH’s latest video ‘Forgot The Rules’ and Plan B’s music video ‘Wait So Long’.

Most recently, Chloe has been concentrating on writing, recording and releasing her own music. With notable success on one of her latest singles, ‘I Don’t Think I Love You’ entering Spotify’s release radar playlist and hitting over 169k streams on Spotify. Her most recent single ‘Options’ hit over 40k in just a week. Chloe manages all of her own conceptualisation of her image, her own creative storyboarding and is building up quite a name for her stunning video visuals. You can catch the video ‘I Don’t Think I Love You’ here.

Chloe tells us that she has many more exciting projects on the horizon, including a 6-track EP release in autumn, where she will be dropping a track a week. Her new single ‘Cake’ is due for release in August and will feature rapper ‘Genesis Elijah’ on vocals.

Chloe has also been interviewed on ‘The Triple M Show’ to discuss her new single drop and you can listen to the record here.

We asked Chloe if she had any final words, she added:

“Coming to Tileyard was one of the best things I’ve ever done, you create opportunities for yourself, and you get what you give here, being here has helped my music so much and I’m glad to still be working here and be a part of it”

Find out more about Rona on her Instagram page here.

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