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Who Are They: Arianna Cerroni

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Meet Arianna, the face behind Tileyard Education’s illustrious designs, events and social media inspiration. 

Arianna grew up in Rome, Italy, and has an extensive background in the music industry, with a vast background in music promotion. She has always loved music and remembers picking up a harmonica, her first-ever instrument at the tender age of 3. She then played in many experimental bands in her youth, from guitar to keyboard and bass in the rock/experimental genres.

However, Arianna’s eureka moment, when she knew she wanted to build a life in music, started at the age of 16 at an AC/DC concert. She has vivid memories of waking up in a campervan outside the concert site and looking into what she describes as the

“Biggest production I’ve ever seen, and I thought, I’m going to do that”

In 2012, Arianna moved to London to fulfil her career in music by studying her BA in Music Industry Management. While she was studying, she was working for TotalRock Radio so she could gain access to some of her favourite shows. She was also programming, hosting and marketing her own gigs around London.

After graduating, Arianna started working more in the music marketing sphere, due to her creative eye and background in promotions and started booking venues and artists for a major promotions company based in London. 

In the search for a new creative career jump, Arianna was introduced to Tileyard London by a friend, and spent the afternoon here one day. Within a few weeks, she had 3 internships, between a US-based Record Label, and 2 major Tileyard brands. Arianna said:

Tileyard Education is very different from any other job I’ve ever had, it’s a different working environment, a happier working environment”

After completing some impressive work for the American Label helping to set up a successful recurring live monthly event showcase and assisting the launch of a new Tileyard project, Arianna jumped over to full-time work with Tileyard Education.

At Tileyard Education, we pride ourselves in having a creative team and Arianna’s creative input is invaluable to the growth of the brand. She has assisted with the growth and nurture of open mic night ‘The Vinyl Scratch’, assisted all the Tileyard brands with our colossal re-brand earlier this year, and is now our in-house pro-designer, and marketing and events assistant. We asked Arianna her what the favourite part of her job is at Tileyard, she said:

“I love designing, it gives me a sense of freedom, and I to get conceptualise and create new ideas”

We also asked Arianna, what’s hot on her Spotify Playlist right now: Weedeater, Apey & The Pea and Baroness.

You can follow Arianna here.

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