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Who Are They? Alex Hollingsworth

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Alex Hollingsworth is a fine example of what hard work can achieve, no matter what age. If you come to Tileyard Education for a class, workshop, event or tour, chances are you’ll meet Alex. The man in the studio, with many talents.

Alex studied BA Professional Sound Production and Cert H.E Professional Music Performance at ACM Guildford, and started to get to know Tileyard London’s vibrant creative community through the lead of Producer and Tileyard Education tutor, Sean Hargreaves. Alex is a great example of the benefits of hard work and motivation. Sean threw him in the deep end and got him to work on studio sessions right away. He worked on exciting projects such as the recording of the Military Wives Choirs new album ‘Remember’. Through his contact with Sean, Alex got to know Tileyard Education’s Partner and Sponsor Spitfire Audio. Spitfire Audio is a British music technology company that specialises in sounds: sample libraries, virtual instruments and other useful software devices.

Alex was eventually head hunted to become one of the newest members of the Tileyard Education team. Now his role is dynamic and integral to the operations of the University. As well as assisting the operations and management of songwriting camps, Alex runs the day to day studio activity alongside colleagues Justin, Stefan and Chloe, assisting Sean, private clients and students with sessions.

In his spare time, he keeps his life musical, composing regularly for film, TV, adverts and other forms of multimedia, working on these projects on a freelance basis. He also plays guitar and keys in neo-soul band Amapola, who have had reputable success playing festivals around the UK.

We are fast approaching Alex’s one year Tileyard anniversary, and he couldn’t be happier. We asked him what his favourite thing was working with Tileyard Education. Struggling to answer, he responded:

“It’s the people, students and staff.”

It’s great to be able to come to work and be inspired everyday by your peers and colleagues and Alex is as much of an inspiration to the team, as he is inspired by them. Alex is a shining example of how entrepreneurial spirit can help you to achieve success. O

You can find out more about Alex’s music here.

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