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Tileyard Education Partner With Microfusa School Of Music Technology

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Microfusa, a reputable and music-industry focused music school based in Spain.

At Tileyard Education, we pride ourselves on making the best industry partnerships, which is why we are delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Microfusa.

Entrenching themselves in the music industry, Tileyard Education and MicroFusa share a lot of the same core values in delivering the best and most practical industry-focused music education. The partnership will offer students of MicroFusa priority on routes into further education at our Tileyard London Campus.

Students studying at Microfusa will have the option to continue their studies into a career progression route with us, where they will either be able to complete their Level 6 Top-Up Degree for a qualified Bachelors or continue into one of our Masters programmes.

Tileyard Education will also be hosting tailored webinars, industry guests and spotlight lectures with MicroFusa, as well as presenting opportunities for students across both schools to network and collaborate.

Microfusa is an established music school based in Spain, with Campuses in both Barcelona and Madrid.

The school hosts a wide variety of courses and degrees focusing on music technology, ranging from DJ courses to Music Production. Students at Microfusa receive a diverse range of music knowledge, delivered by industry experts and encouraged to collaborate, something we greatly encourage as part of the Tileyard ethos.

At Microfusa students also meet well-trained teachers with a high degree of experience in the subject with an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge. Their hybrid of practical and theory-driven classes give students a head start in their music careers.

We’ll be posting more frequent updates on our new partners, as we begin to grow our collaborations.


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