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Resilience For When You’re Self-isolating

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We caught up with our mental-health advocate and student support manager to find out her 5 top-tips for keeping taking care of yourself during self-isolation.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

These can be negative or positive, notice how you are feeling, how your body is reacting and allow yourself to feel them. Then take 3 deep, long breaths in and as your breath out, you can describe these feelings and know that you can let them go. Repeat the slow breathing until you begin to feel the heightened emotion begin to subside. 

2. Engage in an activity that brings you joy

  • Reading
  • Listening to music 
  • Drawing, Painting, Something Creative 
  • Watching a movie (avoid zombie apocalypse movies!) 

3. Reduce the amount of time you look, read or watch the news and social media. If it’s upsetting you then give yourself breathing space from it. It’s ok to switch off for a while.

4. Set yourself goals for each day. Write a to-do list and tick the items off as you go. This will help you feel a sense of purpose and feel like you can have a productive day even when at home.

Today I will :

  • Make my bed
  • Cook myself a delicious breakfast
  • Journal
  • Do some exercise
  • Do a 5-10 minute peaceful meditation
  • Get a task done (write a song, finish a piece of work)
  • Phone a friend and check in on them 

5. Write a gratitude list, list 3 things you are grateful for – releasing gratitude can help to alleviate fear and worry and get you focussed on staying present.

You can follow more on Suzanna’s tips for health and wellness on her Instagram page here.

If you need further support, you can get in touch with other support networks, you can find a full list of free to-call numbers here.

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