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Jordan Round Signs 3 Songs To Independent Label PR Records

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Student, songwriter and producer Jordan Round (Jay Are) has just signed 3 songs to Swedish indie label PR Records!

Jordan has been studying his masters at Tileyard Education since October 2019 after taking a gap year to work out his next steps in music, and to teach himself audio production. He told us since the age of 16 he was sure he wanted to make a career out of his music, which inspired him to study music as a Bachelors degree.

He said in his third year of his BA, he started to discover how he could become a professional songwriter, and was introduced to the Swedish label via a mentor at his university, who sent Jordan 30 songs to write to. Of the 30, Jordan co-wrote and sent back 4 songs with his girlfriend, Lily Page.

Jordan says 1 year on he had forgotten about the pitch, and hadn’t anticipated the songs had landed, until several weeks ago, when they responded saying they were going to sign 3 of the songs written! Jordan is delighted, and said to us:

“Weirdly, lockdown has been the best thing to happen to me for music. So many great things have been happening for me, I’m so happy.”

To help with the contract, Jordan has also approached and built a relationship with the ‘Clintons’ legal team to assist with his new contracts and future work.

Jordan has been in and out of the studio since arriving at Tileyard, launching a new project with student and producer ‘Grgur’, he’s been working on a series of exciting projects, we’ll have more info on soon! He said:

“Tileyard has been amazing, I’ve had the best time there.”

His plan for the next year is:

“To continue to collaborate, releasing music, grow my numbers and working on some exciting new projects.”

We’ll be catching up with Jordan on some more exciting news next week so stay tuned!

Follow Jordan here.

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