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Introducing Sorana

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We caught up with artist, songwriter and Tileyard resident ‘Sorana’ to hear all about her exciting career since arriving in London 3 years ago.

Sorana is a perfect example of how perseverance and self-belief is fundamental to the growth of any artist, but she’s also testimony to the importance of finding the right team to support and nurture your talent through the creative journey.

Sorana grew up in Transylvania, Romania, and knew from the age of 3 that she wanted to be a singer. Flashbacks to singing along to Whitney Houston in her bedroom strike Sorana as the key realisation moment’s that she’d found her passion. From that age, she has maintained that as her goal to aspire for and hasn’t looked back since.

Growing up in Transylvania, she tells us, there wasn’t too much exciting happening musically, and knew she wanted to move to a place where music was more in the foreground. She said:

“I trusted life would take me to the right place”

Despite her surroundings, her music aspirations were still in the forefront of her mind so she decided to apply for the Romanian X Factor. She added:

“At this point, I wasn’t hoping to win, I didn’t even really want to win, I just wanted to be seen, and to meet someone who would take me to a studio so I could make music.”

And Sorana was right, that is exactly what happened. She ended up in one of the biggest studios in Romania, where she could now write and work on her music.

One day, someone from Tileyard Music came down to the studio and worked with Sorana. From here, Sorana connected with Jason Sharpe, an A&R manager at Tileyard Music. After 3 months of talking on email, Sorana came to London to meet Jason and work her on her first session at Tileyard London. Sorana loved her time at Tileyard, she knew it was time to move to London and take a big leap of faith to pursue her dream. She returned home to Transylvania for 2 weeks, packed her bags, and came back to her new found home.

In December 2015, Sorana placed herself within the Tileyard complex and was working with the Tileyard Music team within a matter of weeks. Jason Sharpe has been looking after her ever since. She said:

“Tileyard Music are so organised, they have a good work ethic and good vibes, I was excited to work with them”

By 2016, Sorana was in writing sessions everyday and in April, she signed to Tileyard Music publishing, setting her career off for growth. She said Jason has always had faith in her:

“He has always believed in my project”

In one of Sorana’s first sessions, she co-wrote a song which was pitched to Warner Music, and that brought about more work for Sorana, they traced back the writer and vocals on the track, and from there invited her to write for Jason Derulo. Fast forward a year later she co-wrote and featured on a recent Alan Walker song called ‘Lost Control’ which to date has amassed almost 40,000,000 spotify streams and has received tremendous European radio support especially in Norway & Romania.

Through all her hard work and perseverance, she has been offered a contract with major recording label in the United States. This will see her working on her artist project full time and she is delighted. Though an established songwriter, being an artist was always Sorana’s long-term goal. She said:

“I’m ready to invent something that is me, something that hasn’t been done before. I’ll be crossing over indie with my own take on pop and I am really excited!”

Sorana’s vision will see her travelling far and wide where she’ll be working with a host of exciting producers to help make her vision into reality.

The team at Tileyard Music will be managing Sorana’s career moving forwards and she’ll also play a crucial role with Tileyard Education who are also going to be working alongside Sorana in songwriting camps, and at a student-mentor capacity!

We are delighted for Sorana and can’t wait to see what the next year of her musical journey brings!

You can keep up to date with Sorana on her Instagram page here.

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