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Catch Up With Jordan and Grgur

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We caught up with Jordan and Grgur to talk about the latest success with their latest music releases and collaborations.

Bonnie x Clyde, one of their latest releases has already surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify and hit over 100k streams in the first 4 days, released under ‘Ninski’, Grgur’s artist name.

The two hit an instant vibe, the first time they were paired together on a Tileyard Education songwriting camp in Term 1. Jordan wasn’t even supposed to be part of the group that day, but after spending the day working on the track (now known as Bonnie x Clyde), Grgur invited Jordan into the studio to lay down some guitar onto the track to try and give it the right ‘vibe’. The song also features Maella, an emerging artist with dream-like, feverishly emotional vocals.

The track was destined for success, at the end of camp playback session at Tileyard, where a member of the A&R music team wanted to pitch Bonnie & Clyde to one of their artists. Grgur decided to pitch it to Soave Records, a Dance Label based in the Netherlands, he’d already built a relationship with back in 2017. They instantly wanted to sign the track and sent over a contract.

The success of the track surpassed anyone’s expectations. Soave even decided to sign a second single with the duo, ‘Hardworker’ released on 12 June, was written in 2 hours including vocals from emerging talent Harina. Grgur said:

“We just had a good feeling about it”

And they were right to, in the first week the track has surpassed over 120k streams.

Jordan and Grgur have built a successful creative working partnership, the duo are now discussing plans to build their own production company. They’re currently recruiting a team of artists and producers to work together, collaborate, and respond to briefs. The two highlighted:

“We just matched each other’s ambition, and respected each other’s talent and work ethic.”

We are so excited to hear more and will be catching up with the duo later in the year to catch up on the next phase of their project.

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