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Catch Up With Cat

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We caught up with MA Music Business student and Tileyard Music’s Future Leaders Bursary Winner, Cat Pereira.

Cat already has a comprehensive background in music, with a MBUS in Vocal Performance and an MA in Music Performance already under her belt, she is well known for her extensive vocal range and presence on stage when performing with her band Derange.

Derange formed in 2012, have had reputable success in their genre, they have performed on the same stage as the likes of Kodaline and James Bay, have been premiered through Metal Hammer, as well as having incredible success with their 2013 EP ‘Change’. Their album ‘The Awakening’ released in 2015, was produced by the legendary Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Sikth, Amorphis and Evile). Cat was described by Russell as ‘one of the best vocalists I’ve ever come across’. More recently, you may have seen Derange on the line-up of Bloodstock, but the band are always gigging, and they have an album ready to hit go later this year, but you can first look forward to a taster of their next single which will be out mid-summer.

In 2018, Cat applied for MA Music Business at Tileyard Education, as a world-class performer, songwriter and vocalist, she decided it was time to hone in on the business-side of the industry, to grow ideas, but also to enhance the growth and success of her band, so she is able to put her ideas into practice. In October 2018, Cat was chosen by Tileyard Music’s founders Michael Harwood and Charlie Arme as Tileyard Music’s Future Leaders Bursary Winner. Cat was awarded £2500 towards her university fees on merit of her gleaming statement of intent and what she hoped to gain from her Masters.

Cat is also being mentored by Michael Harwood, she said:

“We work well together, we have the same vision, he understands my view of the music business when we talk present industry, streaming, distribution, and how artists & bands work together in the industry”

She said Michael has been fantastic to work with and offers her real-world advice in every aspect of music business

“It’s great to work with someone like Michael, he respects and makes time for people, and that means a lot considering how busy he is”

We asked Cat what had been the best thing about the MA for her so far:

“The MA has helped me to grow as a business person, I always knew I had it in me, but as I always approach things from a performance level, now I can see the wider picture, I feel it has really helped me to grow”

She said things she has learned on the masters has helped with Derange, but has also given her the inspiration to work with other stuff separate from band – new creative music projects. Cat has even started mentoring other artists, with her wealth of experience, she wanted to be able to share her knowledge and give something back to the music community.

We asked Cat what we have to look forward to in the future with her projects, and with her band, she said;

“I’ll continue to be a recording and a touring artist, I love my band, but I’m also on the path of creating my own stuff.”

Needless to say, we’re excited for Derange’s new single drop later this year, and what projects Cat has up her sleeve.

You can follow Derange here.

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