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At The Yard Season 3 Episode One: Electric Pineapple

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For the opening episode of Season 3, Lucy and Matt are joined by Andrew Kingslow and Trina Smith, the founders of Electric Pineapple, an artist management and production company based at Tileyard London.

Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist, prolific producer, performer and writer with a career spanning an incredible three decades. His music has travelled the globe, gone viral and received millions of streams. As a performer, he has toured the world and as a producer, he has delivered for the likes of Sony, Universal, Sony Pictures and countless other major labels.

Trina is perhaps one of London’s hottest and most exciting new manager/producers. A strong and determined force with uncompromising standards, she is also an advisor for the Women In Music movement and an active member of the MMF. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the things she is passionate about; including looking after her artists.

In this episode the guys talk us through how EP came to be, how they work together, navigating the industry, their artists and releasing new music and talk us through their latest collaboration, “Black Valentine” with Mutya Buena, out today!

Listen to the podcast here.

Producer: Callum Watts

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